To succeed God's way, you have to understand He has set certain laws in place. A law is a spiritual principle that will work for anyone who
gets involved with it. However, His principles will only work for those
with pure motives.

  1. Those who love the Kingdom of God will prosper (Psalm 122:6-9).
    1. Where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.
      1. Set your affection toward the house of the Lord (1 Chronicles 29:2-5).
        1. Become so involved with the things of God that He becomes the focus of your entire life.
      2. Be sure your motives toward God are pure and not simply for personal gain.
        1. Employing success principles is a great practice; however, to succeed God's way, you must have the right motives.
        2. If ever you go astray, return to the Lord and He will build you up (Job 22:23).
      3. It is more of a blessing to give than it is to receive (Acts 20:35).
        1. God will not break His promises (Psalm 89:34).
        2. You become more like God when you are a giver.

  2. You are empowered to prosper when you sow (Isaiah 32:20).
    1. Noah sowed offerings to God and reaped a good harvest (Genesis 8:20).
      1. When Adam and Eve sinned, the ground was cursed and the principle of seedtime and harvest started (Genesis 3:17-19).
      2. Train yourself to follow God's way of doing things (1Timothy 4:7, 8, AMP).
      3. Your finances also operate by the seedtime and harvest principle.
        1. Before you sow a money seed, be sure you have sown the Word of God in your heart.
        2. Hope deferred makes the heart sick, and what you do not know or understand can hurt you.
        3. When you sow seeds into the Kingdom of God, you are storing up treasure for yourself in heaven.
      4. Give little and you will get little; give much and you will receive much (2 Corinthians 9:6, AMP).

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