Fear is the reciprocal of faith and allows Satan access into your life. Fear is a spiritual force, just like faith, but fear will bring to pass what you do not want to happen. Guard against praying fear-based prayers, or practicing biblical principles out of fear. Refuse fear and walk by faith.

  1. With fear as his motivation, Job repeatedly arose early in the morning and offered sacrifices to God on behalf of his children (Job 1:1-5).
    1. By allowing fear to be his motivation, Job gave Satan access into his life.
    2. God said everything Job owned was already in Satan's power because fear was present in Job's life (Job 1:6-12).
    3. Job's fear opened the door for the enemy to destroy his children and possessions.
    4. What Job greatly feared came upon him (Job 3:25).
      1. What do you greatly fear?
        1. Identify those areas and find out what God has said about them in His Word.
      2. Refuse to allow fear to be your motivation for prayer i.e. you are afraid if you do not pray, something bad will happen.
        1. God has not given you a spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7).
      3. Pray your request one time; then continue to thank God for the manifestation of your prayer.
      4. Satan wants you to fear God's Word will not work for you.
      5. If you consider Satan's negative words, you will doubt God's Word.
      6. Guard your heart; be sure you are not allowing Satan's words to get inside you.
        1. Fear comes through words and images.

  2. Choose to operate according to the Kingdom of God by refusing fear.
    1. Fear is the reciprocal of faith.
      1. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God.
      2. Fear comes by hearing the words of Satan.
      3. The foundation of fear is selfishness.
      4. The foundation of faith is unconditional love.
    2. When you are tempted to fear, say what God has said about the situation in His Word.

  3. Every time you make the decision to operate in faith instead of fear, a great storm will come (Mark 4:35-41).
    1. Stay focused on what Jesus has said to you (Mark 4:35).
    2. Satan's goal is to cause you to doubt God.
    3. For example, Jesus told the disciples they were all going over to the other side of the sea (Mark 4:36-41).
      1. A storm arose and their boat began to be filled with water.
      2. It seemed as if Jesus' words would not come to pass.
      3. The disciples became afraid, and woke up Jesus, who rebuked the wind and commanded the sea to be still.
      4. Jesus asked the disciples, Why are you so fearful?

  4. Jesus' ability to walk on the sea demonstrated the power of faith over fear (Matthew 14:22-31).
    1. Jesus dominated the natural law of gravity when He walked on water.
      1. Peter's faith enabled him to walk on the water with Jesus (Matthew 14:29).
      2. When Peter noticed the strong wind, he lost focus, became afraid, and began to sink.
        1. Peter had a short burst of faith. In other words, his faith did not last very long.
    2. When Satan puts challenges before you, will you doubt God and allow your faith to waver?
      1. When you take a second thought about what God has said, you have granted fear access into your life.
      2. Fear produces doubt.
      3. Feed your faith with God's Word and starve doubt by refusing to receive anything that opposes His Word. Confession In the name of Jesus, I cast fear out of my life forever! Therefore, in my life, at this very moment, there is no fear. There is power, love, and a sound mind, but no fear here. I have faith that I am going to run over, in abundance, to the full, until it overflows. I have no fear of running out. There will be no lack in my life! I smite all lack in my life right now!

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