True humility requires you to submit to God’s Word and His plan for your life rather than your own words and plans. Trust Him for everything you need. When you submit your will to God’s
will, you will experience lasting success and honor.

  1. Humility means to comply with, obey and submit to God and His Word and will for your life.
    1. We are to humble ourselves before God (Micah 6:6-8).
    2. Walking in humility means to be submissive and compliant.
      1. Humility reduces the power of independence and ensures dependence on God.

  2. True success is fulfilling God’s will for your life.
    1. God isn’t going to tell you to do something that’s going to hurt you (Jeremiah 29: 11).
      1. God’s plans for you are designed to prosper you.
      2. God will give you the desire to do what He has called you to do.
      3. God won’t make you do something that will destroy you or that is unfulfilling.
    2. Trust that God’s plan for your life is the best plan and will bring enjoyment.

  3. Humility can be likened to an obedient child submitting to the plans of his or her parent.
    1. When you are born again, you are to become as a little child (Matthew 18:3, 4).
    2. Put yourself in a position to depend on God by being willing to do whatever He says.
      1. Ask yourself, “Am I depending on God for everything?”
    3. Humility will make you great (v. 4).
    4. Don’t let your years of experience as a Christian keep you from being humble (1 Kings 3:7). You are nothing without God.
    5. God wants to be your very present help in times of trouble
      (Psalm 46:1).
  4. Humble yourself the way Jesus did (Philippians 2:8).
    1. The way up is down.
    2. You can “look” humble. False humility is an outward display without real submission to
      God (2 Timothy 3:5).
      1. Being “religious” is false humility.
    3. True Bible humility can’t always be seen. It is on the inside and comes from your heart.

  5. True humility is demonstrated by lying at the feet of Jesus.
    1. When Jesus fed the four thousand, there were many of the multitudes who were lame, blind and had all types of sickness. They would kneel down at Jesus’ feet to be healed (Matthew 15:30).
    2. Jairus’ daughter was healed when he fell down and submitted himself at Jesus’ feet (Mark 5:22, 23).
    3. Because of her faith, a woman’s young daughter was healed of demonic oppression when the woman cast herself down at Jesus’ feet (Mark 7:25-30).
    4. A woman washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. She anointed His feet with precious oil. Jesus forgave her of her sin (Luke 7:37-50).
    5. A man was delivered of demons at Jesus’ feet (Luke 8:35).
    6. Martha’s sister Mary sat at the feet of Jesus to hear the Word
      (Luke 10:39).
    7. Jesus raised Mary’s brother Lazarus from the dead after she fell down at Jesus’ feet (John 11:32-44).
    8. John received a supernatural vision of end time events after he fell at the feet of
      Jesus (Revelation 1:17).

  6. You cannot be successful by yourself.
    1. Nothing will ever go right without Jesus.
    2. It’s not too late to acknowledge Jesus and He’ll lift you up.
    3. Thirst and hunger for God and His plan is what you need to advance spiritually.
    4. Your intelligence and abilities shouldn’t be exalted over your relationship with God.
    5. Freedom comes from knowing you don’t have to play political games to get ahead in life.
      1. God has a better way for you to be exalted.
    6. Your way may be the faster way but God’s way is the more sure way.
    7. Two reasons out of many to humble yourself are:
      1. So that God will lift you up (James 4:10).
      2. So that you can experience God’s grace in your life.
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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church