God made man in His image and likeness. Every person has creative power on the inside. Therefore, you have authority to use the creative power in your words to frame your life and destiny.
In the Book of Genesis, God models how to use your authority. In the New
Testament, Jesus demonstrated that the Word of God spoken in faith
overcomes any situation and circumstance in the natural realm.

  1. God created mankind in His image to operate in authority in the earth (Genesis 1:26).
    1. God created everything in the physical world by speaking it into existence (Genesis 1:1-26).
      1. His words brought order to earth's state of chaos.
      2. Man is a tri-part being. He is a spirit that lives in a physical body and possesses a soul (mind, will and emotions).

  2. You must receive and agree with God's Word for it to produce the desired results in your life.
    1. Jesus was born to redeem man's authority, which Adam turned over to Satan.
    2. Mary agreed with, and accepted, the Word of the Lord from the angel and was supernaturally impregnated (Luke 1:38).
      1. Jesus' conception took place the moment she received the Word.

  3. The Word of God is seed that never fails and will produce every time (1 Peter 1:23).
    1. The Word of God is the seed that must be planted in a man's heart.
      1. People become born again when the Word of salvation is planted into their hearts.
    2. A successful Christian uses Word seed to create his or her desired harvest of a successful life.
    3. Due season always comes and the harvest of the seed planted will yield results.

  4. Like Jesus, we must believe our own words and speak from a heart free of doubt (Mark 11:23).
    1. Jesus cursed the fig tree and it submitted to His words (Mark 11:14).
      1. Christians must understand that when they speak negatively of others they curse the person they speak about.
    2. Every Believer has the measure of faith and can have the same results Jesus had (Romans 12:3).
      1. By hearing God's Word, you develop the measure of faith He has already given to you (Romans 10:17).
    3. Jesus' words produced His desired results quickly, because He was confident and believed the words that He spoke.
    4. Whatever you say continually after you make your confession of faith is responsible for the harvest you receive.
      1. Your spirit becomes confused when your confession is double-minded (positive and negative). For example, you cannot confess that you are healed one
        moment and then talk about how sick you are the next.
    5. God created a safety mechanism that only allows the words you believe to come to pass in your life.
    6. The God-kind of faith will only operate in the life of a Believer who confesses the Word and carefully speaks only what he or she believes.

Scripture References:

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Pastor Robert B