This year will be a year of extravagant blessings as the fullness of God’s glory manifests, and results in a wealth transference. In order for the

blessing to manifest in your life, you must know how to connect with
it. When you obey God, rest in His Works, and have faith, you position
yourself to experience the blessing explosion.

  1. 2008 is the year of extravagant blessings.
    1. The fullness of God's blessing will be extravagantly manifested in 2008.
      1. Extravagant means excessive beyond limitation; almost to the point of being wasteful.
        1. The blessing is not the house, the car, or the job; the blessing is an empowerment to have success in every arena of life.
          1. It's an anointing.
    2. The Apostle Paul prophesied there would be a fullness of the blessing (Romans 15:29).
      1. Fullness means complete, or having reached the greatest level or highest degree.
        1. Jesus was given the Spirit without measure (John 3:34).
    3. 2007 was a year of great attacks because Satan wanted you to give up before you experienced the manifestation of God's blessing.
      1. Because of God's love, we will be full of His blessings (Ephesians 3:14-21).

  2. The blessing explosion will result in a transference of wealth.
    1. The Apostle Paul prophesied about a time of limitless riches (Ephesians 2:7, The Amplified Bible).
    2. In 2008, the glory of the Lord will shine; and the wealth of the Gentiles will be transferred to the righteous (Isaiah 60:1-5).
      1. Glory refers to material wealth (Psalm 49:16, 17; Genesis 30:43, 31:1, The Amplified Bible).
    3. Jesus is coming back for a Church that is full of His glory.
      1. God promised He would shake the Heavens, the Earth, the sea, and the dry land in order to fill your house with prosperity (Haggai 2:6-9).
        1. You're supposed to be rich.
          1. The blessing of the Lord will make you rich (Proverbs 10:22).
          2. Debt is financial leprosy; it's part of the curse.
          1. Your debt will disappear when you declare your wealth.
        2. God is able to bless you above your income and salary.
    4. The blessing explosion will happen suddenly.
      1. Explosion is a sudden widespread increase.
        1. Don't reason with God, or try to figure out how He's going to bless you, just believe His Word.

  3. In order to experience the fullness of the blessing, you must learn how to connect with it.
    1. Obey God's Word.
      1. Obedience is the key that opens the door to the blessing.
        1. Disobedience blocks the blessing.
    2. Rest in God's finished work (Hebrews 4:1-11).
      1. Until you rest, you limit the fullness of the blessing from working in your life.
      2. On the seventh day when the Heavens and Earth were finished, God rested and allowed the blessing to work (Genesis 2:1-3).
        1. The blessing is continual.
      3. God wants us to stop our works, and labor to enter into rest.
        1. Labor to enter into rest by meditating, confessing, and holding fast to the Word, until you develop the confidence needed to rest.
      4. You will know you are resting when the peace of God rises in your spirit and comforts your soul.
        1. Once you are resting, then the blessing can do its work.
    3. Have Faith.
      1. The Word must be mixed with faith.
        1. When you believe, you will rest.
        2. People who don't believe will not enter into godly rest.

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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church