The Bible prophesies that in the last days some Believers will turn away from the faith, and give their attention to doctrines that opposes the Word of God. We must remain prayerful, and
recognize doctrines that lead us away from the truth.

  1. Are you giving your attention to teaching that does not line up with the Word? (1 Timothy 4:1-3, AMP).
    1. We must be aware of the ways society seduces us with its norms and values.
    2. For example, marriage today is now viewed as an outdated and unnecessary institution (1 Timothy 4:3, AMP).
      1. There are many couples who use various excuses to co-habitat without being married.
      2. Sadly, many Christians have adopted this attitude.
      3. It is evident that the marriage institution is under attack.
      4. This is part of the enemy’s plan to destroy families. Flourishing Christian families are a threat to the Kingdom of darkness.
    3. Marriage is a part of God’s plan for mankind.
      1. If we allow the marriage institution to be destroyed, then our development out of self-centeredness will also be destroyed.
  2. Satan wants to amplify disagreements in our marriages, which ultimately leads to divorce.
    1. God still hates divorce, although there are exceptions for it; those exceptions include adultery and physical abuse.
      1. However, it is our responsibility to take the marriage vow seriously, and view it as the sacred covenant it is, rather than just a legal agreement.
      2. We must properly prepare for marriage before we enter into covenant with someone. Preparation should include Christian marriage counseling and the development of unconditional love for others.
    2. Developing in unconditional love is the key to sustaining healthy marriages.
      1. When couples make a decision to love each other with unconditional love, they will endure.
      2. Each person should make it a priority to show his or her spouse unconditional love at all times.
      3. Disagreements in marriage should never lead to “calling it quits” or “discussions of divorce.”
      4. Instead, disagreements should be seen as opportunities to develop in unconditional love.

Scripture References:

  • 1 Timothy 4:1-3, AM
Pastor B. Robert
Redeemed Church