As a born-again Christian, you have the authority of God invested in your mouth. However, you must declare it in order to see it. Spend time

reading and confessing the Word until you hear a Rhema Word from God.
Revelation or a Rhema Word from God is the source of fulfillment the
gates of Hell cannot prevail against.

  1. God has given you two gifts: dominion and seed (Genesis 1:26-29).
    1. You are made in the image of God: just as God has dominion and authority so do you.
      1. Dominion is control, authority, or the God-given right to command.
    2. The seed is the Word of God (Luke 8:11).
      1. God's power is His Word (Hebrews 1:3).
      2. The seed of the Word of God has power or the ability to get results.

  2. There is authority in the mouth of the Believer.
    1. Authority has been invested in your mouth.
      1. Like God, you are another speaking spirit (Genesis 2:7).
    2. Your mouth is a weapon.
      1. Your mouth has the ability to get results-either positive or negative.
      2. Death and life are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21).
        1. Your tongue releases the power to command and control.
    3. You have authority over the abilities of the enemy (Luke 10:19).
      1. Satan's most powerful weapon is suggestions through words.
      2. Since he cannot bring anything to pass without the assistance of someone with authority, he tries to get you to use your authority to give birth to
        his evil plans.
    4. Whatever you allow to be permissible on Earth, the same will be permissible in Heaven (Matthew 16:19).
      1. Likewise, whatever you bind or declare unlawful on Earth, the same will be bound or declared unlawful in Heaven.
        1. This requires you exercising your authority.
    5. Whatever you decree shall be established, and the light of God's favor shall shine upon your ways (Job 22:28, AMP).

  3. What are you declaring?
    1. What God says is already established (Psalm 119:89).
      1. God will not alter His Word (Psalm 89:4).
      2. Since everything He says is settled forever, it is up to you to declare it for yourself.
    2. The Word of God is not void of power; however, it is powerless when unspoken.
      1. You must say or declare what you desire to see (Psalm 91:1, 2, 9).
    3. God has blotted out your sins and will only remember what you declare (Isaiah 43:25, 26).
      1. What do you want Him to remember about you?

  4. Revelation is the source of fulfillment (Matthew 16:13-18).
    1. Peter got a revelation of Jesus Christ.
      1. The revelation Peter got was the rock.
      2. Upon the rock of revelation Peter was solidified.
        1. As a result, God was able to build His church on the rock of revelation.
    2. Breakthrough doesn't come from the Word of God alone.
      1. Breakthrough comes when a Rhema Word from God takes place.
      2. You must hear the voice behind the Scriptures.
    3. The gates of Hell cannot prevail against revelation.
      1. When you get a Word from God, nothing will be able to move you; you will be like a rock

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