We must examine our motives whenever we do something for God. For instance, ask the question: “Am I doing this for me or for His
Kingdom?” If we serve Him with selfish motives, we will not receive
what we want from Him. God is looking for Believers who will serve Him
with affection.

A. You ask but fail to receive because you ask for the wrong purpose and with evil, selfish motives (James 4:3, AMP).

1. God is always interested in the condition of our hearts when we ask Him for something.

a. Some people seek God only for themselves, and never consider His Kingdom.

b. Until we remove ourselves from the center of our every want and need, we will not experience God’s best.

B. “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee” (Psalm 122:6).

1. Those who love God and His Kingdom will prosper, not those who love to prosper.

a. To prosper means to have success or peace (nothing missing or broken in your life).

b. True prosperity is living in the presence of God and receiving honor from Him.

C. Many people give their time, money, and/or service without affection for God.

1. We must not give to Him grudgingly or merely out of obligation.

a. The quality of our affection will determine our future in His Kingdom.

D. An authentic love for God is the foundation of true Christianity.

1. It is the authenticity of our motives that establishes our covenant relationship with Him.

a. Our love for God will motivate us to obey His Word, despite our circumstances.

E. How intense is your love for God?

1. The intensity of our love for Him will determine the level of blessings we enjoy.

2. Can you serve Him with delight?

a. Delight is a romantic word that means great pleasure, joy, desire, and affection.

b. Do you have great pleasure when you serve and obey God?

3. Are negative emotions holding you back? If so, deny your negative emotions the right to rule you.

a. Set your attitude for the day just as you would an alarm clock.

b. Love because you have made a decision to love.

4. Whatever we attend to is what we will desire.

a. Therefore, when we give our attention to the Word of God, we will desire it.

b. We are blessed (empowered to prosper) when His Word becomes our delight (Psalm 1:1-3, Psalm 112:1-4, Psalm 37:4, Psalm 16:11).

Scripture References:

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