The zoë life of God is eternal life. It is the essence of who He is. This eternal life was deposited in Adam and empowered him to prosper. When

you accept Jesus, God's eternal life is imparted into you, giving you
the ability to be successful in life. Taking communion releases the
life of God into your life, and will correct whatever is wrong.

  1. When God is with you, you will prosper.
    1. Even though he was a slave at one point, Joseph prospered because God was with him (Genesis 39:1, 2).
    2. Prosperity isn't determined by how much you have in your bank account. Prosperity is determined by who is with you and who you are in fellowship with.
    3. Make sure God is with you.

  2. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came to give you eternal life or zo? (John 10:10, 11).
    1. Zo? life is the eternal life of God Himself.
    2. Jesus came so we could have the God-kind of life (in abundance, to the full, until it overflows).
    3. God breathed into man (Adam) the spirit of life, and man became a living soul (Genesis 2:7).
      1. God put a piece of Himself (zoë) in man.
      2. God created Adam to live forever, just like Him, and possess the eternal life that would enable him to be immortal.
      3. Adam was never supposed to die.
      4. The zoë life of God enabled Adam to use his mental abilities to their fullest capacity.
        1. Adam named all the living creatures (Genesis 2:19).
        2. Everywhere Adam went, he prospered and was successful. iii. The Garden of Eden was a prosperous place because of the eternal life operating in Adam.
        3. The Garden of Eden was supposed to be spread all over the Earth.
      5. God gave man everything he needed-he had dominion and authority on the Earth because of the eternal life operating in him.
      6. Sin disrupted God's original plan for mankind to spread the Garden all over the Earth.
      7. Zoë life will make anything it touches successful.
    4. The enemy wants to steal God's glory and destroy zo? life.
      1. Man's disobedience stopped the life of God in the Garden of Eden.
    5. Jesus has eternal life and He came to give you eternal life; zoë is a gift from God (John 5:26, Romans 6:23).

  3. God, His Word and eternal life are one (John 1:1-3).
    1. All things were made through God's Word.
    2. God's words contain zoë life.
    3. The Word has the same ability as God.
    4. The Word that possesses eternal life showed up in the flesh (Jesus).
      1. The twelve apostles saw, heard and handled the Word that was made flesh (1 John 1:1-4).
      2. You can't receive Jesus unless you receive His Word.
      3. You are recreated spiritually when you hear the Word, and respond by accepting Jesus into your heart.
    5. Your spirit is recreated through zoë life; however, your body and mind are not.
      1. Your continued success is based on whether you feed your spirit with God's Word through meditation and hearing in on a regular basis.
      2. Your mind is renewed through the Word of God.
      3. Feed your spirit the Word so it can grow and remain strong.
    6. Eternal life is working in, on and around you.
    7. Satan wants to blind the minds of people who don't believe the Word so they will remain in darkness (2 Corinthians 4:1-4).
    8. The life of God in us will provide for us whenever provision is needed.
      1. Zoë life will work for us in the midst of challenging circumstances (v. 9, 10).
    9. God's Word is spirit, and possesses zoë life (John 6:68, John 6:63).
    10. Zoë life shows up when you fight the good fight of faith (1 Timothy 6:11, 12).
      1. The good fight of faith is when you withstand the things that try to move you from your stance on God's Word.
    11. You must lay hold of eternal life (1Timothy 6:19).
      1. Lay hold of eternal life by laying hold of the Word and walking in the love of God.

  4. Taking communion activates zoë life, and releases the power of God into your situation.
    1. When you partake of the Lord's body and blood through communion, you have eternal life (John 6:54).
    2. Take communion when provision is needed in your life.
    3. Declare that you possess eternal life.
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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church