Circumstances in life may not always be the best, but you can make a quality decision to stay positive in spite of negative circumstances. By putting God’s Word first, trusting Him and
refusing to quit when situations seem hopeless, you will obtain the
promises of God.

  1. Believers must remain hopeful in the midst of troubling circumstances.
    1. Certain circumstances will try to cause you to adopt a negative attitude, but you must set your will to stay positive.
    2. In life, things happen; however you must deal with situations by finding out what God’s Word says and proving the Word in the midst of obstacles.
      1. Perfect circumstances don’t exist.
    3. You will go through challenges, but you can find peace through the words that Jesus spoke; He has overcome the world and its tribulation (John
      1. Jesus conquered negative circumstances.

  2. Don’t quit when you are afflicted by the devil (Psalm 34:19).
    1. The Lord will deliver you from every affliction of the devil.
    2. Put your faith in God’s Word and don’t quit!
    3. God is faithful to His Word.
    4. If you are experiencing a trial or tribulation, have confidence that you will overcome; God always provides a way out of trials and temptations
      (1 Corinthians 10:13).
      1. You have the ability to endure hard times.
    5. You must put effort into maintaining a positive attitude in the midst of trials; the battle is in your mind.
    6. Remove yourself from being entangled in situations so that you can see from God’s perspective.

  3. You must have an overcoming attitude to obtain God’s promises to you.
    1. Just as God promised the land of Canaan to the Israelites, He has also promised you many good things (Numbers 13:2, 20).
    2. Caleb had the attitude of the conqueror, even though there were obstacles the Israelites had to overcome to possess the land (Numbers 13:25-30).
      1. You are also well able to overcome your trials and tests.
      2. Maintain a positive attitude.
        1. You won’t go any further than you see yourself going.
      3. Don’t speak contrary to the Word of God and spread an evil report like some of the Israelites did (v. 31-33).
      4. Don’t let the “giants” or obstacles that you see stop you from obtaining what God says is yours.
    3. Don’t be ruled by your emotions.
      1. Emotions have their place, but don’t let them rule you.
        1. Exhibit a Caleb spirit in the face of obstacles (v. 24).
      2. Feed your mind and spirit on the Word of God and refuse to murmur and complain (Numbers 14:1-11).
        1. Death and life are in the power of the tongue (v. 37).
    4. Persecution will come when you stand on the Word of God.
    5. If you maintain your faith in God, you will make it to your promised land.

  4. Speak to your circumstances and tell them to be quiet like Jesus did (Mark 4:37-41).
    1. Peace comes from the words that Jesus speaks.
    2. Refuse to fear.
    3. Trust God and He will bring you through.
Scripture References:
  • John 16:33
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