Praying in the spirit is one of the seven ways Believers position themselves to clearly hear from God. When you pray in tongues, you draw out hidden wisdom that only comes from God that produces supernatural results. Wisdom from Heaven supersedes the natural mind. We become sons and daughters of God and operate in divine authority on Earth.

  1. Five safeguards to observe when you hear from God.
    1. When what God speaks to you will go against the reasons and rationalizations of the world.
    2. It will require faith.
    3. It will require courage.
    4. It will line up with the Word of God.
    5. Peace will rule in your heart like an umpire.

  2. Faith begins at the leading of the Holy Spirit.
    1. When you are led by the Spirit of God, you will be led into successful places.
    2. People of the world will see your success.

  3. How to have better hearing:
    1. Maintain a spirit of expectancy and faith.
      1. Expect to hear God's voice every day.
      2. Depend on the enlightenment that comes from God.
    2. Pray in the spirit and pray without ceasing.
      1. There are some breakthroughs that will only come to pass through supernatural means.
      2. Spend time praying in the spirit at least an hour a day.
      3. Pray without ceasing.
        1. Do not give up on prayer.

  4. What does it mean to pray in the spirit? (1 Corinthians 4: 1-21)
    1. When you pray in the spirit, you pray on a higher, supernatural level.
      1. Your spirit prays.
      2. You release your most holy faith (Jude 20, 21).
      3. You build yourself up in the love of God.
    2. It requires faith to pray in tongues because you pray in a language that is unknown to you.
    3. Every Christian has the ability to speak in tongues.
      1. However, the gift of tongues is the ability to interpret tongues that are spoken; everyone does not have this ability.
        1. This particular gift comes from God and cannot be turned on at will but only by His leading.
        2. Pray for the ability to interpret your tongues so you can understand the hidden mysteries you prayed.
      2. When interpreting tongues and/or prophesying to a congregation, it is better to do so in a language everyone understands.
      3. Praying in tongues only edifies the person praying.

  5. Nothing just happens.
    1. Have faith in the things of God.
      1. God has given you the ability to speak in an unknown language and receive His wisdom.
      2. There will still be those who will not receive from or hear Him (1 Corinthians 14:17-21).
      3. Natural-minded people do not understand and fail to receive what God says.
      4. Reasoning is a low level of wisdom.
      5. Everything in the Kingdom of God is on a higher level; wisdom from God supersedes all human wisdom.

  6. This entire message ties into the future glory (Romans 8:26-31).
    1. The manifestations of the sons and daughters of God will be seen.
      1. The sons and daughters of God will act like God on the Earth.
      2. They will possess supernatural authority.
      3. They will rule and reign on Earth, and everything they do will supersede the works of natural-minded people.

Scripture References:

  • 1 Corinthians 14:1-21
  • Jude 20, 21
  • Romans 8:26-31