The seventh step to receiving answers to your prayers is to make every prayer a statement of faith. Plead your case before God and only speak words of faith so you don't cancel what you
have prayed because of doubt and unbelief.

  1. Make every prayer a statement of faith vs. a statement of unbelief.
    1. You can choose faith words and thoughts or words and thoughts of doubt.
    2. It is possible to undo your prayers by speaking doubt-filled words.
    3. Speaking faith words and thinking faith thoughts will lead your heart out of defeat into victory.

  2. Plead your case before God (Isaiah 43:25, 26).
    1. Remind God of what you asked Him for.
    2. Remind God of what His Word says.
      1. Search the Scriptures for the promises that support what you are praying for.
    3. Tell God what you are expecting.
    4. Thank God for the answer.
    5. Don't undo your prayers by praying for the same thing over and over again.
    6. Only speak words that agree with the outcome you are expecting.
Scripture References:
  • Isaiah 43: 25, 26
Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church