The fifth step to receiving answers to your prayers is to meditate on God's promises. Meditation is the key to becoming established in the Word of God. When you meditate on the Word,

you position yourself for success in every area of life.

  1. Meditating on God's promises is the fifth step to receiving answers to your prayers.
    1. You must take time to meditate on the promises you believe will come to pass in your life.
      1. This is part of your prayer preparation.
    2. You must be able to see yourself possessing the answer to your prayer.
    3. Hide the Word in your heart through meditation so you can get a clear picture of yourself walking in a particular promise (Proverbs 4: 20-22).
      1. When your heart is established on God's Word, you will see the manifestation of your prayers.
      2. Keep the Word before your eyes at all times.
    4. God's Word is the highest authority.
      1. He has magnified His Word above even His name (Psalm 138:2).
      2. If you stand by the Word, and on the Word, God will stand by you and make His Word good in your life.
      3. God will not operate outside the boundaries of His Word.
    5. If you abide in God and His Word abides in you, you will receive those things you ask of Him (John 15:7).

  2. Meditating on God's Word is the key to success and prosperity in life (Joshua 1:8).
    1. To meditate on something means to bring it before your mind, to conceive it in thought, to ponder, speak aloud and be consumed by it.
    2. Meditation will activate your imagination.
      1. God gave you an imagination so you could create the blueprint for success in life.
      2. Your imagination allows you to see yourself doing something before you actually do it.
      3. In Genesis 11:4-6, God had to disrupt the people's plans to build a tower to Heaven because He knew that nothing would be restrained from them
        once they imagined to do it.
      4. Use your imagination to bring to pass God's plans for your life, and not Satan's plans.
    3. When you meditate on the Word, your heart will become fixed on it (Psalm 112:1-8).
    4. Delighting in God comes from meditating on the Word.
      1. When you meditate on God's Word, whatever you do will prosper (Psalm 1:1- 3).

  3. There are three ways to meditate on the Word of God.
    1. Mutter the Word.
      1. Muttering is speaking quietly or under your breath (Psalm 63: 5, 6).
    2. Speak the Word aloud (Psalm 35:28; Psalm 77:12).
    3. Muse the Word.
      1. To muse the Word is to ponder it or consider it closely.
      2. Muse the Word and then speak it (Psalm 39:3).
      3. Ponder the work God has already done in your life (Psalm 143:5).
      4. Meditate on the Word until profit is seen by everyone (1 Timothy 4:11-15).
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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church