You believe you have received a Word from God; now what? The next step is to be sure you heard from God before you step out. Follow these seven procedures to test it.

  1. Seven procedures to follow after you believe you have heard from God:
    1. Submit the issue to Christ's Lordship.
      1. As Lord of your life, He knows how to bless you.
      2. Desire and honor above anything else, His plans for you.
    2. Have faith that God will speak to you.
      1. God wants to speak to you; you must believe that He will (Mark 1:40, 41).
      2. Eliminate all questioning and doubt.
      3. Pay attention to the voice of your conscience.
      4. He will speak to you sometimes in impressions (a song, person, sermon, or a "hunch").
    3. Listen as God transmits His Word into your spirit.
      1. The Spirit of truth will transmit His Word to you (John 16:13-14, AMP).
    4. Learn how to test the spirits.
      1. Make sure the message you hear is without a doubt, from God.
      2. Test the spirits by proceeding as follows:
        1. If it is not based in unconditional love, it did not come from God.
        2. If it does not line up perfectly with the Word, rebuke it (Psalm 119:4, 5; 24). iii. If it does not exalt, glorify and magnify Jesus, it did not come from God.
        3. If it brings confusion, condemnation and discouragement, disregard it (1 Corinthians 14:33; James 3:13-17, AMP).
    5. Seek godly counsel.
      1. Do not seek "yes" men and women; choose someone who will tell you the truth.
    6. Wait for God's timing; He will tell you how and when.
      1. For everything there is a due season (Ecclesiastes 3:1).
      2. To avoid frustration and the temptation to quit, understand there is a due season for you (Galatians 6:9).
      3. Continue to do what God last told you to do; continue to sow (Ecclesiastes 11:1-4).
    7. Take action!
      1. Be willing to obey God.
      2. Get rid of all uncleanness and be a doer of the Word (James 1:21, 22, AMP).
      3. Remember these five safeguards to determine whether you heard from God:
        1. The Word you heard will require faith.
        2. It will require courage. iii. It will line up with the Word of God.
        3. It will go against reasons and rationalizations of the world.
      4. Peace will rule in your heart like an umpire.

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