Why do you do what you do? Many times Christians come to God with wrong motives. They don't understand His plan and purposes for prosperity. We
must begin to fellowship with God for no other reason than to show Him
our love and appreciation. Seek His Kingdom first and everything else
you need and desire will be added to your life. Come to Him with a pure
heart and right motives.

  1. Prophecy is Heaven's agenda for mankind (Isaiah 60:1-5, AMP).
    1. There will be a time in which darkness will cover the Earth.
      1. The darkness represents the absence of enlightenment in the lives of people who do not know God.
        1. In the days of darkness, enlightenment will only come from God's people.
        2. The systems of the world will fail.
        3. Expertise, techniques, and even illegal dealings will all fail.
        4. Those who do not know God will seek Christians for answers to life's dillemmas.
        5. This also happened in Joseph's day (Genesis 47:15, 16).
      2. In times of hardship, four horns that represent evil acts will surface (Zechariah 1:19, AMP).
      3. The wicked acts will be directly connected with dangerous doctrines designed to keep the Church in poverty and deception.
      4. However, God will send carpenters, who represent men being used as tools to demolish those evil acts of the enemy (Zechariah 1:20-21, AMP).
        1. The eye of the Lord is upon His people (Psalm 33:18).
        2. People of God will not be put to shame during these times.
        3. Even in famine, they will be satisfied (Psalm 37:19).
        4. God's people will be put on display, meaning they will possess a double portion of prosperity (Isaiah 61:7-9, AMP).
        5. This prosperity is not defined by things; but a supernatural ability. Christians will be whole in every area of their lives as a result of
          this empowerment.
        6. Being whole is having nothing missing or broken in all areas of life.

  2. To qualify as God's people, selfishness must be eliminated (2 Timothy 3:2).
    1. The Kingdom of God is based on love, not selfishness.
      1. Selfish people will not succeed God's way.
      2. The Kingdom of God is based on love.
    2. People who do not know God seek things, but those who know God seek Him (Matthew 6:31-33).
      1. Sometimes Christians do the right things for the wrong reasons (Matthew 20:20-24).
      2. Ask yourself, what is your motive for seeking God?
      3. Properly align your motives: seek Him sincerely, not only when you have a need.
      4. God knows your needs. When you seek Him, He will add those things to you.
        1. There is nothing wrong with coming to God for a need; however, in all things strive to be sincere.
        2. Seek and worship God with pure motives.
        3. God knows your heart. When you ask Him for something, be sure you are not asking because of lustful motives (James 4:3, AMP).

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PO. BOX 1920