As a Christian, you have already been blessed by God, however you must have a pure heart in order to withdraw the blessing. A pure heart is genuine and sincere, without selfishness or
underhandedness. You can purify your heart by obeying the truth of God's

  1. If you are a Believer, the blessing has already been deposited in you (Ephesians 1:3).
    1. Jesus has already redeemed you from the curse of the law (Galatians 3: 7, 8, 13).
      1. You are not cursed, or empowered to fail, anymore.
      2. You can't reverse what God has already blessed.

  2. Having a pure heart is a prerequisite to withdrawing the blessing.
    1. Purity is being free from anything that pollutes, defiles or contaminates; being free from anything sinister and underhanded; sincere with the right motives and thoughts.
      1. A pure heart is genuine and sincere, with no selfishness or underhandedness.
    2. God expects you to cleanse yourself from everything that defiles your spirit (2 Timothy 2: 19-21).
      1. Iniquity
      2. Sin
    3. When you have clean hands and a pure heart, you will be a recipient of the benefits of the blessing (Psalm 24:3-5; Matthew 5:8).
    4. Having a pure heart means being pure in thought and deed.
    5. You must have a pure heart that has the right motives if you want your prayers to be answered (James 4:3).
    6. Purity is the gateway to the blessing flow.
    7. There will be no manifestation in your life until you deal with the impurity of your heart.
      1. Be honest with yourself about your personal struggles with sin or impurity.
      2. God appreciates and respects honesty.
      3. God will give you wisdom concerning your situation if you come to Him truthfully about what you are dealing with (Psalm 51:6).
      4. Covering your sins will block the blessing from operating in your life (Proverbs 28:13).
      5. God wants to deliver you, but deliverance comes when you have clean hands and a pure heart (Job 22:29, 30).
      6. Elisha's servant Gehazi blocked the blessing because of the greed of his own heart and reaped a generational curse as a result (2 Kings 5:20-27).
        1. The power of God would not flow when Gehazi tried to perform a miracle with Elisha's rod because his hands were not clean (2 Kings 4:29).

  3. You must have clean hands and a pure heart to handle the Word of God and get results from it.
    1. Just like God gave Moses a rod with which he did signs and wonders (Exodus 4:17), He has given you the "rod" of His Word.
      1. Jesus is the rod, or the Word of God through which signs and wonders are done (Isaiah 11:1; John 1:14).
      2. The Word is the rod through which all things are possible.
    2. Just like Jesus purified His house of thievery and wickedness (Matthew 21:12-16), you must also purify your heart.
      1. When you purify your heart, you will become a person of prayer, who experiences God's power and responds with praise.
      2. By purging your heart, you allow more fruit to show forth in your life (John 15:2).
      3. Purify your heart by being obedient to the truth of God's Word (1 Peter 1:22).
        1. When you obey the truth, it will cleanse and purify your heart (John 8:31, 32).
        2. Knowing the Word of God is necessary before you can obey it.
      4. Looking for and expecting the return of the Lord will also purify your heart (1 John 3:1-3).
        1. When you live daily with the awareness that Jesus could come back at any moment, you will be careful to keep sin and impurity out of your heart and life.

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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church