Your entire life is a stewardship test. Rulership is awaiting those who will pass the stewardship test. Prove yourself as a good steward. Pass the

test of faithfulness, so you can move into rulership.

  1. Stewardship is a test; if we don't pass it, we'll never be made ruler over great things.
    1. A steward is someone appointed to manage, oversee, or supervise the affairs of another.
    2. Many Christians are stagnant because they've not passed the test of stewardship.
    3. Passing the test of stewardship requires spending time with God so you can receive direction and instruction from Him.
      1. A good steward acknowledges God in all their ways and consults with Him before doing anything.

  2. The blessing is reserved for the faithful steward.
    1. A steward must be proven to be faithful-dependable and trustworthy (1 Corinthians 4:1, 2).
      1. Stewardship makes you accountable for your behavior.
      2. We will be required to give an account of our stewardship (Luke 16:1-4).
    2. It's easy to boast of your faithfulness; however a faithful man is not easy to find (Proverbs 20:6).
      1. Faithfulness is not proven overnight-it takes time.
    3. A person who displays the character of faithfulness will abound in the blessing (Proverbs 28:20).
      1. The blessing is an empowerment that affords you supernatural results in every area of your life.
      2. Once you have the blessing on you, it affects every area of your life and makes you rich and whole (Proverbs 10:22).
    4. Faithfulness is a prerequisite for the blessing, which is why the enemy will always challenge your faithfulness.
      1. The enemy hates a dependable, faithful, and trustworthy Christian.

  3. Many of the breakthroughs people are searching for are hindered because they haven't passed the test of faithfulness.
    1. Times of uncomfortable testing prove what you will do with abundance.
      1. What you do with a little demonstrates what you'll do with abundance (Luke 16:10).
        1. When you're faithful with a little, you'll be faithful with much.
        2. When you're unfaithful with the few, you'll be unfaithful with the much.
    2. If you're untrustworthy with the riches of this world, why would God entrust you with the true riches, which is the anointing? (Luke 16:11).
    3. If you haven't been faithful in that which belongs to another man, how can God bless you with your own? (Luke 16:12).
    4. Everyone will eventually have to pass the money test.
      1. You can't serve God and money (Luke 16:13).

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