A critical spirit hinders your faith and blocks the power of God from flowing in your life. As a Believer, you are a witness for Christ;
however, having a critical spirit will prevent you from being an
effective witness.

  1. A critical spirit prevents you from being an effective witness for Christ.
    1. Too many Believers have critical spirits.
      1. A critical spirit is very negative; it seeks to condemn, criticize, and tear down.
        1. This is the spirit of Satan that can cause people to refuse God and turn away from church.
    2. Examine yourself to make sure you are not critical, or fault-finding.
      1. You should strive to be a positive witness for Christ.
        1. Jesus did not come to condemn the world: He came to save the world (John 3:16, 17, The Message Bible).
        2. Jesus' approach was positive; He came to restore.
        3. You are saved to help those who are in darkness, and you won't be effective if you have a critical spirit.
    3. Jesus called the Pharisees hypocrites because they were very critical, and allowed their traditions to make the Word of God of no effect.
      1. The Pharisees criticized Jesus for healing a man on the Sabbath, however Jesus healed the man despite their criticism (Luke 6:6-10).
      2. The Pharisees saw the disciples eating with unwashed hands and found fault (Mark 7:1-13).
        1. The Pharisees were more concerned with their traditions than demonstrating the love of God.

  2. A critical spirit hinders your faith and blocks the power of God from flowing in your life.
    1. You condemn yourself when you condemn others (Romans 2:1-4, MSG).
      1. God knows what's in your heart when you criticize, and judge people unfairly.
      2. Ask God to help you judge yourself, so you will not be judged.

  3. The causes of a critical spirit are:
    1. A bad attitude, or the wrong outlook on life.
      1. Negative thoughts that stem from jealousy, envy, strife, discontentment, and a feeling of powerlessness.
    2. . Unforgiveness.
    3. . Pride.
      1. Thinking you are better than others.
    4. . Immaturity.
      1. Not allowing the Word of God to mature you.
    5. Having a carnal mind.
      1. A carnal mind has not been renewed by the Word of God.
    6. Listening to Satan and negative thoughts.
      1. Satan always points the critical finger.
        1. He is the accuser of the Believer.
        2. Every critical thought comes from him.
        3. God's thoughts toward you are positive, plans of good, not evil.
      2. A critical spirit is rooted in fear.
Scripture References:
  • John 3:16, 17, The Message Bible
  • Luke 6:6-10
  • Mark 7:1-13
  • Romans 2:1-4, The Message Bible
Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church