The key to success is balancing the spiritual and natural aspects of life. Life is a series of decisions and your decisions are based on the knowledge you have. You will make better

decisions if you have better information. Make the Word of God your
final authority and apply it practically to your life in every decision
you make.

  1. The key to success in every arena of life is to have a balance between the spiritual and natural aspects of life.
    1. Faith is the spiritual dimension of success.
    2. You must act on the Word of God that you believe.
      1. Faith is a practical expression of your confidence in God and His Word.
      2. Faith without works is dead (James 2:17).
      3. Your actions are the natural, practical things you must do to see results in life.
      4. Faith will not produce results unless you do something.

  2. Life is a series of decisions.
    1. The decisions you have made are responsible for where you are in life right now.
    2. Decisions are the open door to reality.
      1. Every decision has consequences and will lead you somewhere.
    3. Your success and failure in life will always be based on the decisions you make.
      1. If you make the right decisions then you will experience success.
    4. Every day you are faced with choices.
    5. God has made us free moral agents with a right to choose.
      1. He wishes that you would choose life, but because you a free moral agent He cannot make choices for you
        (Deuteronomy 30:19).
      2. You will have to choose to serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15).

  3. Your decisions will be based on your knowledge.
    1. You cannot do better until you know better.
      1. If your knowledge is limited, then your ability to make wise decisions will be limited and you will end up at a limited destiny.
      2. In order to make good decisions you must have enough knowledge (Isaiah 7:15, 16).
      3. Make the Word your final authority for making decisions.
        1. If you begin to prosper in your soul and are successful in obtaining the right kind of knowledge and understanding, then your outcome will be an outcome of great success (3
          John 2).
          1. The prosperity of your soul will determine your prosperity in your spirit, health, relationships, finances and business.
            1. Your soul is your mind,will and emotions.

  4. There are four decisions that will greatly affect your life.
    1. Your choice of a career.
      1. When choosing a career be sure that seeking God is your first priority (Matthew 6:33).
      2. When choosing a career be sure that your choice honors God.
      3. When choosing a career, be sure money is not a primary factor in your decision.
        1. Ten natural steps to choosing a career:
          1. Begin with your values.
            1. What is really important to you?
          2. Locate your skills and talents.
            1. Skills are what you have been trained to do.
            2. Talents are what you are naturally good at.
              1. Your success and abundance lies in what you are naturally good at.
          3. Identify your preferences.
          4. Experiment and gain experience.
            1. Volunteer and get some experience to determine if you really like it.
          5. Become broadly literate
            1. Get an understanding of what you want to do.
          6. Opt for experience first, money second.
            1. Get the opportunity to become proficient at what you want to do.
          7. Aim for a career in which you can give 110 percent.
          8. Build your lifestyle around your income, not your expectation.
            1. Don’t build a lifestyle around money that you haven’t acquired yet.
          9. Invest 5 percent of your time, energy and money in furthering your career.
          10. Be willing to change and adapt.
    2. Your choice of a mate.
    3. Your choice of friends.
    4. Your choice of where you live.

Scripture References:

  • James 2:17
  • Deuteronomy 30:19
  • Joshua 24:15
  • Isaiah 7:15, 16
  • 3 John 2
  • Matthew 6:33
Pastor Bagonza Robert
Redeemed Church