There are two systems in operation on Earth: the Kingdom of God system and the world's system. Many Christians try to operate in both systems but do not understand why they are unsuccessful in their endeavors. The love of God is the law of God's Kingdom; selfishness is the foundation of the world's way of doing things. There is no success in the Kingdom of God without unconditional love. God's glory only belongs to those who have become addicted to advancing His Kingdom.

  1. As free moral agents, God has given us the ability to choose between two systems.
    1. There are two systems of operation: the world's system and the Kingdom of God system.
      1. Though we are in this world, we do not have to operate according to the world's system.
        1. The world's system is based on selfishness; Satan is the god of this world system.
        2. The world's system operates by fear and opposes God's Word.
      2. The world's system is characterized by twisted truth.
        1. There is some truth in it.
    2. When we become born again, we switch systems.
      1. The Word of God is the Christian's manual for life.
      2. Unconditional love is the foundation of the Kingdom of God.
    3. Some people are trying to operate in both systems.
      1. Straddling systems is hypocrisy.
      2. Nothing works when you are not fully convinced God's system works.
      3. As Christians, we must follow Jesus' example; He was addicted to the Kingdom of God.
        1. When you are addicted to the Kingdom of God, you focus on advancing it.
        2. The Kingdom of God then becomes your only method of operation.

  2. Those who pray for the peace of Jerusalem will prosper (Psalm 122:6-9, AMP).
    1. Jerusalem is a type of the Kingdom of God; just as Zion represents the Church.
    2. Prosperity is defined as wholeness in every area of life.
      1. Your love walk will make you whole.
      2. Many times Christians do good works for the wrong reasons.
      3. Good works such as giving should be motivated by our love for God's Kingdom.
      4. In the Kingdom of God, you cannot get results without unconditional love.

  3. Before the return of the Lord, Zion (the Church) will arise (Psalm 102:13-16, AMP).
    1. This is the time in which the glory of the Lord will rise upon the Church (Isaiah 60:1-5, AMP).
      1. Light in Hebrew is translated "enlightenment."
      2. Darkness is a lack of enlightenment.
      3. The glory of the Lord shall be seen in the lives of His people.
        1. They will receive supernatural wisdom from Him.
        2. They will acquire material wealth and blessings.
        3. The glory of God is wealth (Genesis 30:43, 31:1, AMP; Psalm 49:16, 17; Haggai 2:6-8).
        4. Forces is also translated "wealth" (Isaiah 60:5, AMP).
        5. Darkness will overwhelm the people of the world to such a point they will have no choice but to seek Christians for enlightenment.
        6. Natural-minded people will not have spiritual discernment (1 Corinthians 2:14).
    2. God will put His people on display so the world can see He has blessed them (Isaiah 61:7-9, AMP).
    3. God's people will receive this glory when they stop focusing on themselves and begin to focus on His Kingdom.

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