Those who love God's way of doing things will have ultimate success in life. God has given us the free will to choose between His Kingdom and Satan's. Although it may seem as if ungodly people are more successful than Christians, God's way is the only way that leads to true lasting success and prosperity. Complete wholeness and fulfillment can only come from Him-this is what it means to have true riches from Heaven.

  1. There is a distinct difference between God's Kingdom and the world's system of operation:
    1. The world's system goes against God's Word and Satan is the ruler.
      1. There will be bits of truth in the world's system, but it is twisted truth.
      2. Selfishness dominates the world's system.
      3. The world's system leads to eternal damnation.
    2. The Kingdom of God system operates by faith.
      1. God's Word is the final authority in this system.
      2. Unconditional love dominates the Kingdom of God.
      3. The Kingdom of God is God's way of doing things.
        1. Walking in love, living by faith, praying, meditating, and confessing God's Word leads to success in God's Kingdom.
        2. Jesus is our champion and hero; He lived according to the Word of God. iii. Jesus operated according to the Kingdom of God system.
    3. You will have to choose one side and remain in one system to get results.
      1. When you become born again, you switch systems.
      2. Many times, Christians try unsuccessfully to mix the systems.
      3. Mixing the two systems is like mixing oil and water: it will not work.
      4. In these last days, there will be a separation of those who are in God's Kingdom from those who are not.
      5. The fruit your life produces is evidence of which system you are activating.
      6. There is great success in the Kingdom of God.

  2. If you love the Kingdom of God, you will prosper (Psalm 122:6-9, AMP).
    1. Prosperity is wholeness in every area of life.
      1. When you share what God has given you with someone else, prosperity is at its highest point.
      2. The peace you share will be returned to you.
        1. The words prosper and peace are translated shalom in Hebrew.
      3. When you give to others, God increases your portion.

  3. Worry is an indication you are not operating according to the Kingdom of God system.
    1. Jesus said do not worry about how you will make it in life (Matthew 6:25-33, AMP).
      1. Realize God is your only source.
      2. Do not make the mistake of thinking of your job or business as your source.
      3. God blesses us with resources; however, these things are not our source.
      4. Worry is an indication you are not trusting God.
        1. Refuse to meditate on negative thoughts.
        2. When you meditate on negativity, you prove you do not know God's covenants and promises. iii. Thoughts will come to your mind, but you do not have to receive them.
    2. Our Heavenly Father will always meet our needs.
      1. He meets our needs when we seek His way of doing things.
      2. When we seek Him first, all things will be added to us.

  4. Where is your treasure?
    1. Your heart will always be where your treasure is (Matthew 6:21).
      1. You can determine your treasure by considering where you spend most of your time and money.
        1. Consider your checkbook and your calendar: What is taking priority in your life?
        2. Be honest with yourself. Is your heart turned toward the Kingdom of God? iii. If not, you can make the correction and choose His way today.
        3. You choose His way by deciding to live your life according to His Word.
      2. Seek Him first and spend time in prayer; meditate on His Word.

Scripture References:

  • Psalm 122:6-9, AMP
  • Matthew 6:21
  • Matthew 6:25-33, AMP