If you are continually stressed out and troubled, it is time to change your mindset. Consider whether your thoughts align with God's Word or
the world's way of thinking. As Christians, we are not to carry worry
and stress. We must be careful not to blend in with the world, as it
leads to stress, worry, and fear. Through God's Word you will learn how
to live stress-free.

  1. The measure of thought you give to the kingdom of God determines the level of manifestation you will experience from it (Mark 4:24, AMP).
    1. Examine what determines your thought life.
      1. When you are subject to the world's system of operation and way of thinking, you will live in stress and fear.
        1. You are a sum total of your thoughts.
      2. God's Word can help you live without the stress and fear of the world.
        1. The Bible teaches you how to live in the world without being worldly.
        2. God's Word gives life; there is no profit in the flesh (John 6:63).
        3. He has called us to the purest, highest level of living.

  2. When you allow yourself to be too busy, worried or concerned, you allow the Word to be choked out of you (Mark 4:14-16, AMP).
    1. The stress of worldly cares chokes the Word out of your heart, then you will have no results from it (Mark 4:17-19, The Message Bible).
      1. Many times you may start off with the right mindset; then Satan distracts you with the pressures of life.
      2. You can be everything God has called you to be without blending in with the world (Romans 12:2, MSG).
        1. The cultures of the world are ever-changing; they lack boundaries.
        2. Culture is a system of beliefs, ways of life, institutions, etc., being passed down from one generation to the next. iii. Do not take on the attitudes
          of the world (Romans 12:2, AMP).
      3. Our hope is also in the Holy Spirit. He keeps us from becoming stressed out.
      4. If you are a friend of the world, you are an enemy to God.

  3. Satan is aiming to stop your pursuit of the things of God.
    1. If you are steadfast in faith and refuse to be moved, God will reward you.
      1. Overcome the attacks of the enemy through the Word of God.
      2. God's Word will arrest negative emotions caused by pressure from the enemy.
      3. When you face challenges, renew your mind with the Word for specific areas.
        1. Allow the Word to change you from the inside out.
    2. Stress and worry create trouble and strife.
      1. For example, Martha was stressed out and angry because she was too busy (Luke 10:38-42, AMP).
      2. Mary chose the most needful thing-she chose the Word of God.
      3. The Word of God brings solutions.
      4. When you are too distracted to sit at the feet of Jesus, you will not receive the best solutions for your life.

Scripture References:

  • Mark 4:24, AMP
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