When you are facing insufficiency, do not fear! Give what you lack to Jesus. Find an anointed ministry, church, person, or project in which to sow. Jesus is anointed to bless and multiply what you give Him. In order for this principle to work for you, you must believe. Position yourself for increase and provision through sowing, operating in love, and maintaining a pure heart before God.

Believe the love God has for you.

    1. God has not given you a spirit of fear (1Timothy 1:6, 7).
      1. Do not grant Satan access into your life through fear.
        1. Fear will eventually turn on you and destroy your life.
      2. Fear and unbelief are tied together.
    2. Fear operates like faith-it will bring the thing you fear to pass.
      1. Your fear is evidence of your unbelief.
      2. Be honest with God about what you do not believe.
      3. Spend time in His Word to overcome doubt.

  1. What do you do when you face insufficiency?
    1. It is not the will of the Father for you to be in lack.
    2. Jesus and the disciples faced a situation in which they did not have enough food to feed a multitude of people (John 6:1-13).
      1. A boy offered them five loaves of bread and two small fish.
      2. Jesus took the meal which was not enough, gave thanks for it and blessed it.
      3. The five loaves and two fishes were multiplied in the hands of Jesus.
    3. Jesus wanted the disciples to bring Him what was lacking so He could increase it (Matthew 14:17-19, Mark 6:38-44).
      1. Put your "not enough" in Jesus' hands; it is guaranteed to multiply.
    4. Whenever you do not have enough, recognize what you have is not your harvest; it is your seed.
      1. Plant your seed by putting it in the hands of Jesus; sow it into an anointed ministry, man or woman of God, or project.
      2. The next time you see it, it will be more than enough.
      3. You have to believe Jesus will take your "not enough" and turn it into more than enough.

  2. The principle of sowing the "not enough" seed worked in the Old Testament (1 Kings 17:8-23).
    1. God called upon a widow woman to take care of the prophet Elijah during a drought.
      1. The widow and her son were about to die of hunger when Elijah came to her asking for food and water- the things she had need of.
        1. The widow prepared Elijah her last meal, obeying the Word of the Lord.
      2. This woman put her insufficiency in the prophet's hands and experienced provision in her life as a result.
        1. She had more than enough to last for a whole year.
    2. Your present day obedience will determine your future supply.
      1. The widow's son died but God raised him from the dead through Elijah.
        1. She received her miracle because of her obedience.
    3. Refuse to fear and obey whatever God tells you to do.

Scripture References:

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