There are several practical means by which Christians can perfect their love walk. Once love has been perfected in them, everything else in their
lives will work.

  1. The love of God has preeminence over every subject discussed in the Word.
    1. Love encompasses everything that is taught in the Word and adds balance to whatever you learn from the Word.
    2. Research has shown that many churches and ministers lack love and character.
      1. Many turn a deaf ear to teachings on love because they assume that they know all there is to know about the subject.
    3. Nothing in your life-finances, family, healing and so on-will work to its full potential until you perfect your love walk.
    4. Walking in love delivers you from fear, which is designed to kill you.
      1. Fear grants Satan access to your life and will connect you to what you fear the most.
    5. Loving others is not an option; it's a commandment (John 15:12). to your life.
    6. Work to increase your love for all people, regardless of who they are (1 Thessalonians 3:12).
    7. Love others with a pure heart.
    8. A Christian's power is derived from his or her relationships with others.
      1. Satan usually attacks relationships to hinder you from perfecting your love.

  2. You must deal with the selfishness in your life.
    1. God wants to remove your "stony heart" (selfish heart) and replace it with a heart full of love (Ezekiel 36:26).
    2. Selfishness is a force that works against the love of God.
      1. Example: Divorce is the result of selfishness; one or both partners refuse to walk in love.
    3. Fear and doubt are rooted in selfishness.
    4. Loving others and not being selfish will cause people to recognize that you are a true "disciple" of Christ (John 13:34-35).
    5. The commandment to love gives you the opportunity to allow God to work on your behalf.

  3. Practice the aspects of love to avoid being considered a "useless nobody" (1 Corinthians 13:1-8, AMP).
    1. Love endures long (verse 4).
      1. Human love is conditional, whereas the God-kind of love is unconditional.
      2. Allow the love of God to permeate your relationships.
      3. Whenever you're tempted to give up on people because of their mistakes, consider the fact that God would never give up on you because of yours.
    2. Love is patient.
      1. Love is consistently and constantly the same. It says, "I am here for you even when you fail."
      2. Your love will be tested over time.
      3. Example: Dr. Dollar had to address his own feelings of love and hate toward his eldest adopted son. In the end, Dr. Dollar made a decision to love him
        regardless of the challenges in their relationship.
    3. Love is kind.
      1. To be kind means that you are "disposed to do good to others and make them happy."
      2. Be kind and forgiving just as God is kind and forgiving (Ephesians 4:32, AMP).
      3. Repent when you realize that you have been unkind.
    4. Love is not envious.
      1. Envy always leads to strife, confusion and every evil work (James 3:16).
      2. To be envious means "to feel pain or discomfort at the sight of another person's success or superiority."
      3. Envy keeps you from rejoicing with others and being blessed by God.
      4. Envy will cause you to look for reasons why you deserve what others have.
      5. Practice rejoicing when others prosper, even if you have to do so by faith.
      6. Identify whether or not your problems with others are rooted in envy.
    5. Love is not jealous.
      1. Jealousy involves feeling uneasy whenever preference is shown to someone else.
      2. Example: Dr. Dollar received preferential treatment as the first black student to attend an all white elementary school. He became jealous when
        another black student joined the school and was preferred over him.
    6. Love is not boastful.
      1. To be boastful is to "speak in high praise of oneself or of one's possessions; to glory in oneself."
      2. Strive instead to always acknowledge God in all that He does for you.
    7. Love is not haughty.
      1. A haughty person has a high opinion of himself or herself and shows contempt toward others (Proverbs 16:18).
    8. Love is not conceited.
      1. A conceited person entertains a flattering, yet erroneous opinion of himself or herself.
      2. Example: Many of the contestants on American Idol auditioned before a panel of judges although they lacked musical talent; ironically, they couldn't understand why they weren't selected.
      3. Don't make it difficult for others to love you.
    9. Love is not rude.
    10. To be rude is to be "rough, rugged, untaught, uncivilized and violent; not courteous or mannerly."

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