God has set guidelines in place for husbands and wives to successfully operate the institution of marriage. Honor is a calculated decision to show attention, awareness and consideration for
another person. Successful marriages are based on both spouses honoring
each other on a consistent basis.

  1. There are ten things a husband can do to show appreciation for his wife.
    1. He should open the door for her and let her go through the door first.
    2. He should hold her hand when she walks up and down steps or gets out of a car.
      1. This demonstrates that a husband cares for his wife and that she is a precious treasure to him.
    3. He should spend extra money on her rather than on himself.
    4. He should regularly tell her how beautiful she is to him.
    5. He should always speak honorably of her in front of their children.
    6. He should take her to dinner or lunch and listen to her when she talks.
    7. He should call her during the day to let her know he is thinking about her.
    8. He should schedule time to spend with her.
    9. He should write her love notes and poems.
    10. He should always remember special dates such as her birthday and their wedding anniversary.

  2. There are ten things a husband should never do to his wife.
    1. Never put your wife down in front of others, jokingly or otherwise.
    2. Never point out your wife’s weaknesses publicly.
    3. Never tell your wife there isn’t enough money available to buy something she wants, and then buy something you want.
    4. Never tell your wife that you don’t have time for her.
    5. Never walk in front of your wife.
    6. Never compare your wife to another woman.
    7. Never make sexual innuendos about your wife in front of others, jokingly or otherwise.
    8. Never lie to your wife or tell her a half-truth to cover your tracks; always be honest.
    9. Never dishonor your wife in front of your children.
    10. Never forget your wife’s birthday or your wedding anniversary.

Scripture References:

  • Matthew 6:31-33
  • 1 Peter 3:1-7
Pastor Robert Bagonza
redeemed Church