God's written Word is the gateway to hearing His voice. He wants to give you specific details about your life, but you must first position yourself to hear from Him by spending time reading and meditating on the Word. In addition, avoid the hindrances that block your spiritual hearing.

  1. 5 hindrances to hearing from God:
    1. . Unbelief
      1. Hearing from God operates by faith. You must believe He wants to talk to you.
    2. An undeveloped spirit
    3. A spirit of deafness
      1. A noisy spirit, cluttered with stress and the cares of this world, can cause spiritual deafness.
    4. A calloused conscience
      1. When something is calloused, it is hardened. A calloused conscience is resistant to God's Word and cannot receive it.
    5. . Neglect
      1. Neglecting time with God can block your ability to hear from Him.

  2. How the Word of God prepares us to hear from Him:
    1. His Word instructs us.
      1. When we know the Word, we recognize deceptive voices that try to lead us into error.
      2. A person who preaches any other gospel is a deceiver (Galatians 1:8).
      3. Studying the Word and walking in love will help you recognize God's voice.
    2. His Word tunes our spirits.
      1. Your spiritual ears will know God's voice when you acquaint yourself with His Word.
      2. The Word purifies and separates you from the world (John 17:17).
      3. If you are not feeding your spirit daily with the Word, it will not be tuned.
    3. God's written Word confirms what He has spoken to your spirit (Proverbs 6:20-23).
      1. Allow the peace of God to rule in your heart before making decisions.
      2. Let the Word to be your guide; the Word gives light in a dark and confused world (Psalm 119:105).
    4. God washes your spirit with the Word, removing the filth and grime of the world.
    5. The Word of God consistently defeats the devil.
      1. Use the Word of God to cancel out the devil's deceptive voice.
      2. For example, when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, He answered the devil with the Word.
    6. God's Word feeds your spirit man (1 Peter 2:2, 3, AMP).
      1. Desire the spiritual milk of the Word so you can grow spiritually.
      2. Spend time feeding your spirit with the Word of God to receive revelation and wisdom.

  3. How does praying in the Spirit help you hear from God?
    1. When you pray in the Spirit, you release your faith.
    2. Prayer is the perfect way to enhance your hearing.
    3. Remember to thank God for what you believe you receive in prayer.
    4. God uses relationships to speak into your life.
    5. Become thirsty for God; if you do not have a thirst for Him, ask for it.
    6. Every day, tell God how much you need Him.

  4. Three ways to see change in your ability to hear from God:
    1. Decide how badly you want change.
    2. Eliminate all excuses.
    3. Take immediate action; refuse to put it off any longer. Start today!

Scripture References:

  • Galatians 1:8
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