In order to understand how to operate in the kingdom of God, we must first obtain knowledge about the kingdom. The Bible is our manual of instruction, which teaches us about the kingdom of God. Therefore, we should value our time spent reading and studying God’s Word. As we learn how to successfully establish the Word of God in our hearts, we begin to unlock the mystery of the kingdom of God.

  1. Jesus teaches, with parables, how the kingdom of God operates (Mark 4:1-13).

    1. He first explains how a sower went out to sow seeds (like a farmer plants seeds) (Mark 4:1-4).

      1. However, some of the seeds fell by the wayside, and birds devoured them (Mark 4:4).

      2. Some fell on stony ground and were dried up because they couldn’t establish a root (Mark 4:5-6).

      3. Some fell among thorns, and the thorns choked them; therefore, the seeds produced no fruit (Mark 4:7).

      4. But some fell on good ground and produced fruit; some thirty, some sixty, and some a hundred (Mark 4:8).

    2. Jesus said if we do not grasp the meaning of this parable, we will not understand the other parables (Mark 4:13).

  2. Jesus explains the parable, stating, “The sower soweth the word” (Mark 4:14).

    1. We sow the Word of God in our hearts by finding the scriptures that pertains to our situations and consistently meditating on it.

      1. In the parable, the seeds that fell by the wayside represent what happens when people hear the Word, but Satan is able to take it immediately (Mark 4:15).

      2. The seeds that fell on stony ground represent those who hear the Word and received it with gladness (Mark 4:16-17).

      3. However, Satan is able to take the Word because it has not become rooted in them. These people endure for a while, but when affliction or persecution comes (for the Word’s sake), they are offended.

      4. Satan is after our Word-seed; therefore, we must remain steadfast in the Word until it takes root.

      5. The seeds that fell on thorny ground represent those who hear the Word, but anxiety, worry, and the deceitfulness of riches choke the Word (Mark 4:18-19).

      6. The seeds that fell on good ground represent those who hear the Word and receive it wholeheartedly, without allowing anything to steal it (Mark 4:20).

  3. The Law of Receiving

    1. There is a principle that governs receiving; we must guard our hearts (what we see, hear, and say) to protect our seed.

    2. The people who get a harvest from the Word-seed they sow are those who diligently guard the Word in their hearts.

      1. Depending on the time and attention given to the Word, some get a thirtyfold harvest because 30 percent of the time they guard the Word that is in their hearts.

      2. Some receive a sixtyfold harvest because they guard their hearts and remain rooted in the Word 60 percent of their time.

      3. Some receive a hundredfold harvest because 100 percent of the time they guard their hearts and give 100 percent attention to the Word. They make sure they only see, hear, and speak the Word of God.

  4. The Mystery of the Kingdom

    1. God is not trying to hide anything from us. He hides secrets for us (Mark 4:21-22).

    2. Therefore, we must take heed to what we hear and how we value the Word of God. The value we place on the Word is the value we will receive from it (Mark4:23-25).

    3. The kingdom of God is like a man casting seed into the ground; as the man goes about his life, the seed is taking root and getting ready to sprout up (Mark 4:26-29).

    4. The kingdom of God can be compared to a mustard seed; it starts off small but grows into a great harvest (Mark 4:30-32).

    5. Likewise, we must take the Word of God and sow it into our hearts. We must not get frustrated with the growth process of the seed.

      1. We must guard and protect our Word-seed and allow it time to grow.

      2. We must also allow patience to be perfected in us by continuing to remain steadfast in faith.

Scripture References:

  • Mark 4:1-3

Pastor Robert Bagonza

Senior Pastor Redeemed Church