When we make a decision to remain focused on the Word of God, we can expect opposition. However, we must resist any contradictions to the Word. God
has set a race before us, and we must run it with faith and patience.
We receive His promises when we refuse to move away from the Word

  1. Fight the good fight of faith (1 Timothy 6:12, AMP).
    1. The good fight of faith is simply holding on to what we know from the Word without weakening our stance on it.
      1. Opposing forces will try to force us to lose our stance.
        1. Therefore, we must know what we believe before trouble comes.
        2. When the attack comes, we naturally shift to the Word of God, which we believe.
        3. When we endure with faith and patience, we win the fight!
    2. How do we develop enduring faith?
      1. We count it all joy, allowing patience to do a thorough work in our lives (James 1:2-4, AMP).
        1. Patience is maintaining the same consistent, constant faith we had before the trouble came, and then enduring through it.
        2. When patience is allowed to have its perfect work, we become complete, perfect, and entire—lacking nothing.
        3. Many times, the act of remaining steadfast on the Word prepares us for the promise so we will not lose it.
        4. We learn valuable information about ourselves while we are enduring with patience.

  2. Do not become spiritually lazy; laziness will cancel patience (Hebrews 6:12, AMP).
    1. When tribulation shows up, hire patience.
      1. We glory in the midst of tribulation, knowing tribulation hires patience to go to work for us (Romans 5:2-5).
        1. We need to know what the Word says about our situation before trouble comes so we can remain patient about the Word.
      2. When we hire patience, it must last (Titus 2:2, AMP).
      3. We must run with patience the race set before us (Hebrews 12:1-3, AMP).
        1. We are to discover our race, looking to Jesus as we run it.
        2. He is the author and the finisher of our faith.
        3. He had joy in His sacrifice, knowing He would deliver us.
        4. Lay aside every weight (stress and concerns) and sin that tries to weigh you down.
        5. Outlast the contradictions to the Word; every contradiction causes fear.
        6. The battle is in the mind; therefore, we must renew it with the Word.
        7. Keep your mind focused on Jesus.

  3. When we hear Jesus’ sayings and do them, we are wise (Luke 6:46-48).
    1. We read the written Word to get revelation or the voice behind the Word.
      1. Our next step is to obey and expect the manifestation of what we believe.

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