Words are spiritual containers. When you speak, speak with the God-kind of faith without doubt in your heart. God created Heaven and Earth with
His faith-filled words, and we are made in His image. Likewise, we must
use our creative power to create our world.

  1. Speak with the faith of God or the God-kind of faith (Mark 11:22).
    1. You have what you say in faith if you refuse to doubt in your heart.
      1. Be imitators of God and follow Him (Ephesians 5:1, AMP).
      2. To imitate God, talk and act like Him.
      3. Jesus imitated the Father by speaking to the sea, the fig tree, the mountain, the wind, demons, even dead people.
        1. Physical things, objects, and nature obeys Jesus.
    2. We have been invited to imitate Jesus as He imitates the Father (John 14:12, AMP).
      1. Believe that the anointing on Him is also on us.
        1. Principles of faith are based on spiritual laws.
        2. Spiritual laws work for anyone who will apply them.
        3. You set laws in motion by the words of your mouth.

  2. How significant are your words?
    1. "Works" in the Hebrew language is translated dabar, which means a word or thing.
      1. Meditate on God's wondrous works or words (Psalm 145:5, AMP).
      2. Eli referred to the Word from the Lord as "the thing" the Lord said (1 Samuel 3:17).
        1. Words are spiritual containers; they are the root of all things.
        2. God framed the world with the words of His mouth.
      3. Words have creative power and create things we don't physically see.
        1. Words create atmosphere, problems, and situations.
    2. God does not bless or give to us according to what we deserve or what we may think is good.
      1. He gives according to spiritual laws He set into existence.
      2. You must act upon these laws; and follow the process.
      3. Laws always work; an example is the law of gravity.
      4. You must learn how to appropriate spiritual laws for healing, prosperity, and deliverance.
      5. Faith is a law (Romans 3:27).
      6. A carnal mind opposes the Word of God and is not subject to the law of God (Romans 8:7).
      7. The law of God is the law of faith; the Word of God acted upon and believed in confidence.
      8. God is a respecter of faith---not a respecter of persons.

  3. Fear is faith operating in the wrong direction.
    1. Fear will bring to pass the very thing you fear.
      1. Worry is a negative form of meditation. It is meditating on the wrong words instead of the Word of God.
    2. You must ask with the God-kind of faith and never waver (James 1:6).
      1. When you speak opposing words, you move back and forth between progress and failure.
    3. You will have what you say (Mark 11:23).
      1. Make sure unforgiveness is not standing in the way of your breakthrough (Mark 11:24).
      2. God's laws are always strong and active. If your faith is weak, the laws will take longer to work.
      3. The law of healing is active; you must mix it with faith for it to be strong.
    4. A greater law can overcome existing laws.
      1. The law of prosperity is greater than the law of poverty.
      2. Your prosperity, deliverance, healing, and protection are not automatic; you have to activate spiritual laws to see their manifestation.
      3. Wherever something is not working, you must turn on a spiritual law.
      4. Speak what you want to manifest and it will come to pass, if you don't doubt.

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