There is a work going on inside each of us, which God has begun. Because God started this work, we can have confidence the end result will manifest.
God desires to do great things for us all the days of our lives. He
wants to see His plan fulfilled in each of us. However, we must believe
He will complete the work He started.

  1. Be confident God has begun a good work in you and He will perform it (Philippians 1:6, AMP).
    1. Look to Him for direction in every area of your life (Hebrews 12:2, AMP, Psalm 123:1, 2, The Message).
      1. Distractions cause us to lose focus.
        1. A distraction is an intrusion of the mind that causes confusion.
        2. We are distracted when we begin to focus on our problems, circumstances, emotions, and ourselves.
        3. Many of us choose to focus on our insecurities and weaknesses.
        4. However, we must choose to focus on Him.
    2. As we focus on God’s Word, we begin to see ourselves in His Word and our insecurities and weaknesses will fade.
      1. We cannot take credit for what God has done for us.
      2. It is God Who works in us to will and to do His good pleasure (Philippians 2:13, AMP).
      3. He energizes us to do His work.
      4. Allow God’s will to be your will and desire.

  2. Many of us start things and do not finish them but God is faithful; He finishes what He starts.
    1. Jesus won the victory for us on the cross.
      1. We are continuing that work today.
    2. Our decision to become born again signifies that God has begun a good work in us.
      1. His work is a guaranteed success.
      2. We do not have to remain the same.
      3. We can expect to continue to go from level to level and see God’s glory in our lives.
      4. He works behind the scenes on our behalf; completing His work in us (Matthew 6:2-4, Isaiah 45:15, Job 34:20, The Message).

Scripture References:

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