Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Although your tongue can be used as a force to propel your faith, it can be your worst enemy if
used in the wrong way

  1. Confession is to your faith what thrust is to an airplane.
    1. Thrust is the propelling force that lifts an airplane.
      1. Without thrust, an airplane won't get off the ground.
      2. The law of thrust and lift overcome gravity; however, it doesn't stop gravity.
      3. Likewise, faith is a law that overcomes natural laws.
    2. Just saying something doesn't make it happen.
      1. Confession is a process that takes time.
      2. Continually confessing or meditating on the Word is what leads to good success (Joshua 1:8).

  2. What is the righteousness (right-standing) God ascribes to? (Romans 10:1-8).
    1. You are righteous not because of your good works; you are righteous because of what Jesus did.
      1. God sees you through Jesus.
    2. The most important confession you can make is that Jesus is Lord of your life.
      1. You confess your sins after you've confessed Jesus as Lord over your life.
    3. People go to hell because they reject Jesus; you can't work to get something only Jesus can give you.
      1. Because Jesus is the One who saves you, you're no less righteous because you fail or miss the mark.
        1. Don't allow condemnation to make you a coward.
        2. You get another chance in God's Kingdom.
        3. You have a right to repent if you sin.
      2. Your faith can't work if you don't know who you are.
    4. When you're contaminated with sin, faith can't work.
      1. Sin separates you from the provisions God has made available for you.
      2. Just because you're righteous doesn't mean you can willfully sin.
        1. Sin makes you guilty and causes you to question your righteousness.

  3. Seven reasons why confession of God's Word works.
    1. It is sowing seeds in the Kingdom of God.
    2. It causes faith to come.
    3. It renews the mind to the Word of God.
    4. It keeps the answer before you.
    5. It changes your heart.
    6. It sets the law of faith into motion.
    7. It puts angels to work for you.

Scripture References:

  • Joshua 1:8
  • Romans 10:1-8