As Christians, we have many benefits because of our personal relationship with God. We do not have to fall prey to the bondage of the world and the traps of Satan. We can refuse fear because God has given us authority over it. We are to live victoriously because we are God’s children.

The Lord loads you with benefits every day (Psalm 68:19, Psalm 103:1-3, AMP).

  1. God has not given you a spirit of fear but of power, love, and sound thinking (2 Timothy 1:7, AMP).
  2. Salvation is more than just the born again experience:
    1. Salvation includes health, wholeness, deliverance from bondage, preservation of life, and deliverance from the fear of danger.
  3. The fear of the wicked shall come upon them, but God will grant the desires of the righteous (Proverbs 10:24-27).
    1. When you honor the Lord by making Him the first priority in life, He will prolong your days.
    2. Your time spent with the Lord will equal manifestation in your life.
  4. Do not forget God benefits; He will:
    1. Forgive your iniquities.
    2. Heal your diseases.
    3. Redeem your life from destruction.
    4. Crown you with loving kindness and tender mercies.
    5. Satisfy your mouth with good things.
    6. Restore your youth like the eagle.

  1. God will deliver you if you do not give in to fear (Daniel 3:19-27, AMP).
    1. The enemy will turn up the heat, but refuse to fear.
      1. For example, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego faced a dangerous situation when they were thrown into the fiery furnace for their refusal to worship King Nebuchadnezzar.
      2. These young men remained steadfast and refused to give in to fear
      3. God sent His angel to deliver them from the fire.
      4. They emerged from the furnace without even the smell of smoke.

  2. God delivers His people from death and keeps them alive even in famine (Psalm 33:19)
    1. You will be nourished and your life will be preserved.
    2. Those on the Lord’s side will have plenty in the days of famine (Psalm 37:19).
    3. When there is talk of recession and lack—laugh at it (Job 5:20-22).
      1. Be determined to keep your joy.

  3. Paul knew all about danger, but God continually preserved his life (Acts 28:2-6).
    1. A poisonous snake bit him, but it had no effect on him.
    2. The attacks of the enemy will have no effect on you when you allow God to be your protection.

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