Faith is a lifestyle in the Kingdom of God. Promotion in the Kingdom of God does not come without faithfulness and having the right motives.

  1. The just shall live by faith (Habakkuk 2:4, AMP).
    1. Christians must make faith a lifestyle.
      1. We must be faithful to our life of faith.
      2. Faithfulness is an aspect of the fruit of the Spirit.
      3. To be faithful is to be dependable and trustworthy.
      4. Faithfulness is not proven overnight, but is demonstrated over time.
      5. Faithfulness is doing what God last told you to do.
      6. Promotion in the Kingdom of God does not come without faithfulness.

  2. Can God trust you?
    1. Doubt is a sign you are not trusting Him; refuse to remain in unbelief (John 20:27).
      1. Satan will try to pressure you to quit.
      2. Ask yourself, can Satan do anything to make me quit on God?
      3. Your character is demonstrated when the pressure is on.

  3. Check your motives; why do you do what you do?
    1. A motive is a need or desire that causes a person to act.
      1. It is not so much what you are doing, but why you do it?
      2. Good actions with the wrong motives are called ulterior motives.
        1. For example, the mother of James and John worshipped Jesus with ulterior motives (Matthew 20:20-24).
      3. Many Christians get involved in spiritual things for the wrong reasons.
      4. Wrong motives are usually hidden but will always be revealed.

  4. God requires you to be faithful.
    1. You cannot bypass His processes.
      1. He knows what is in your heart.
      2. Ask yourself, if God does not give me what I desire, will I quit on Him?
    2. God wants you to worship Him because you love Him.
      1. You should pay tithes and give offerings because you love Him, not because you want something from Him (Genesis 28:20, 21).
      2. God does not need you to be who He is; you need Him to be who you are.
      3. When Jesus comes back, He will search for those who operate in love and faithfulness according to His Word.

Scripture References:

  • Habakkuk 2:4. AMP
  • John 20:27
  • Matthew 20:20-24
  • Genesis 28:20, 21