Often we allow the world’s way of doing things to take over our lives. However, as Christians, we have available to us a way (a kingdom) that is far more powerful than the world’s system. In order to see God-kind of results in our lives, we must make the kingdom of God a priority. We must activate our faith, refusing to doubt the power of His kingdom.

  1. Many times, we do not give the kingdom of God priority because we are accustomed to seeking the world’s way first (Matthew 6:30-33, AMP).

    1. When we become born-again, we must break the habit of relying on the world’s way of doing things.

      1. In other words, we must train ourselves to turn to the Word of God first in every situation we face.

      2. We must become confident in the fact that God’s way is always the best way.

      3. His kingdom never fails; however, the world’s systems are failing constantly.

  2. Everything in the kingdom of God starts with the Word. If you feel the kingdom is not working for you, build your confidence by meditating on the Word.

    1. Be sure you are giving God’s Word first place in your life.

    2. Be sure you are not allowing unbelief to consume you; deal with any doubt you have concerning the Word (Matthew 17:20).

    3. Be sure the Word is growing like a seed in your heart.

      1. Planting the Word in your heart can be compared to a person planting seeds in the ground (Mark 4:14-20).

      2. Plant the Word in your heart by saying it. Protect it by rejecting any suggestion or thought that oppose God’s Word.

      3. To receive the promises in the Word, take ownership of them by faith.

      4. Be sure you are using the present tense when speaking the promise you have received by faith.

      5. For example, instead of saying, “God is going to heal me,” say, “By His stripes, I am healed!”

      6. To take possession of the Word of God, freely receive it as if you already own it.

Scripture References:

  • Matthew 6:30-33, AMP

  • Matthew 17:20

  • Mark 4:14-20

Pastor Robert Bagonza

Senior Pastor Redeemed Church