God’s perfect will for a man and woman in marriage is that they stay together forever; however, He makes exceptions for divorce in the cases of marital unfaithfulness that
includes sexual sin and when an unbelieving spouse decides to leave his
or her partner. Physical, emotional and sexual abuse are also viable
reasons for divorce. Religious teaching has kept people in bondage by
condemning them for remarrying after divorce, but there is no
condemnation for those who remarry under these types of circumstances.

  1. The truth of God’s Word will set you free from bondage to religious teaching (John 8:31, 32).
    1. It is important that you understand the spirit of the Word and not just the letter (2 Corinthians 3:6).
      1. Understand the intent, purpose and bottom line of what God is saying in His Word.
    2. Religious teaching has kept people in bondage where the issue of marriage, divorce and remarriage is concerned.
    3. God never intended for marriage to end in divorce.
      1. God’s original intent for marriage (before sin entered the earth) was for a man to be joined to his wife forever (Genesis 2:24).

  2. God hates divorce; however, He has made exceptions for it.
    1. The scripture mentions divorce several times.
      1. The Bible talks about a man giving his wife a “bill of divorcement” (Deuteronomy 24:1-4).
        1. This man’s wife had the potential to be married three or four times.
    2. Laws can be altered and exceptions can be made under certain circumstances.
      1. Jesus altered the law of stoning that said a woman who commits adultery must be stoned.
        1. Unlike the Pharisees, Jesus didn’t condemn the woman who was caught in adultery. In fact, He forgave her, altered the law and simply told her
          to leave her lifestyle of sin (John 8:1-11).
      2. Although divorce is not God’s will, God makes exceptions for it (Matthew 5:31, 32).
      3. God made exceptions for divorce because of the hardness of man’s heart (Mark 10:2-10), not because He condones it.
        1. Marital unfaithfulness involving sexual sin, or fornication, is a viable reason to get a divorce.
        2. When sexual sin takes place, the marriage covenant is completely broken; it no longer exists. Therefore, it frees the spouse to decide whether to
          stay and renew the marriage covenant, or leave.
        3. Once the covenant is broken, the spouse is not obligated to stay.
      4. Another exception for divorce is when an unsaved, or unbelieving spouse wants to end the marriage or abandons the saved spouse.
        1. If an unsaved husband or wife divorces his or her saved spouse, the saved spouse is not in bondage to the marriage covenant. He or she may remarry
          without it being considered adultery (1 Corinthians 7:10-15,AMP.)
      5. God will bless your marriage if you choose to remarry under these circumstances.
        1. God wants you to be free from religious teaching that says you are in adultery if you remarry.
      6. God does not want His children living in physically, emotionally or sexually abusive situations.
        1. Getting physically abused by your husband or wife, or subjecting yourself to a spouse who is sleeping with someone else is not the abundant life God
          intends for you to live (John 10:10).
        2. As a Father, it is God’s job to take care of His children; He doesn’t want you to stay in these types of situations.
        3. If your spouse is beating you or has the potential to bring sexually transmitted diseases home to you because of sexual unfaithfulness, leave
          him or her.
        4. Don’t stay in a situation that could cause you or your family to be in jeopardy.

Scripture References:

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  • 2 Corinthians 3:6
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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church