God has already prepared a good life for you to live, but you must discover the path to that good life and walk in it. Your steps are ordered by the Lord, and He knows how to keep you from
falling. By staying in God’s Word and speaking it in faith, you will
keep yourself on the path to abundant living and experience the fullness
of God’s promises in your life.

  1. The “good life” is available to every Believer.
    1. There is a pre-planned path that God has prepared for you to live the good life, which includes health, wealth and total life prosperity (Psalm
      1. In God’s presence is pleasure and fullness of joy.
        1. Getting in the Word is a vehicle for getting into God’s presence.
      2. God knows what will please you and make you happy.
      3. God will reveal to you the path that you should take in life.

  2. The Word of God leads you to the good life.
    1. You must stay on the Word if you want to stay on the path to the good life.
    2. There is a path that seems right and looks straight but will lead to destruction and disappointment (Proverbs 14:12).
      1. The path that leads to death is the one that the world encourages you to take.
      2. Listening to the words of the world’s system and your own reasoning will take you down the wrong path.

  3. The good life includes soteria, or wholeness and well-being in every area of your life.
    1. God has bestowed His goodness on you through Jesus
      (Ephesians 2:6-10).
    2. You didn’t earn salvation; you didn’t deserve it, but He made it available anyway.
    3. You are a partaker of salvation through your faith.
      1. 'Salvation' is more than being born again. It includes healing, deliverance, soundness, prosperity, protection and safety.
      2. Take authority over your situations and circumstances and refuse to accept a life that doesn’t line up with God’s Word.
    4. There are good things that God has prepared for you that will be revealed as you follow His path.
    5. When you begin to see the manifestation of God’s goodness in your life, don’t forget that it came from Him (Deuteronomy 6:10-11).
      1. The goodness of God will cause a person to repent, and change.
      2. You must believe that God is good in order to experience His goodness.
      3. The world wants to convince you that God is not good so you won't have faith in His ability to bless you.
        1. If you think God is not good, you will tolerate negative circumstances and situations in your life.
        2. Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord. God won’t send bad things your way to try to teach you something.
    6. The good life has already been prepared for you. It is waiting on you to show up and walk it out (1 Corinthians 2:9, 10).
      1. Walking out God’s path for your life requires faith.
      2. Confess daily that you are supposed to live the good life.
      3. Living from paycheck to paycheck and being stressed out is not the good life.

  4. Contrary to religious myth, Jesus was not poor.
    1. Jesus had a treasurer to keep up with the money from His ministry.
    2. When Jesus was crucified, His clothing was of such high quality that the soldiers cast lots to see who would get it.
    3. At Jesus’ birth, He was given much gold, frankincense and myrrh by kings.
    4. Jesus had a house (John 1:38, 39).
    5. Jesus and His disciples were physically and materially sustained (food, shelter, clothing, etc.) for the entire three years of His earthly
    6. People sowed their own property and goods into His ministry
      (Luke 8:3).
    7. Poor means lacking.
    8. Poverty can include but is not limited to money.
      1. You can be poor in spirit, relationships and health, even though you have material wealth.
    9. The only time Jesus was in "lack" was when He was made sin on the cross, and the Father turned His back on Him.
      1. Through the poverty of the cross, Jesus said that you would be made rich. He didn't mean that your being “rich” was limited to money, although it
        does include financial prosperity.

  5. You must allow the Holy Spirit to guide you on the path to the good life (Psalm 25:4).
    1. When your footsteps are established and guided by God, you will not slip (Psalm 17:5, 6; Psalm 37:23-25).
      1. When you get off track, God has spiritual “bumpers” around you to move you back into the place you're supposed to be. Though you may fall, He will
        uphold you with His hand.
      2. Ask God to teach you His ways (Psalm 27:11).
      3. Speaking God's Word will help protect you from the enemy (Psalm 17:4).
      4. The Word of God will light your way on the path (Psalm 119:105).
      5. Acknowledge God in everything you do and He will direct your path (Proverbs 3:5, 6).
      6. You may be in a bad place right now but God will bring you into a wealthy place (Psalm 66:11, 12).
      7. God will get you out of trouble if you just ask for His help
        (Job 36:16).

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Pr Bagonza Robert
 Redeemed Church