When we choose holiness, we are choosing to give God priority in our lives. Holiness is being of one mind with God; it is aligning our thoughts to agree with His Word. One of the main hindrances to holiness is financial corruption. It is easy for us to be led astray in today’s fast-paced and materialistic society. When money and material things become priorities in our lives, we are practicing idolatry. We must examine our motives in all that we do to be sure God is and remains in the position of first place in our lives.

  1. Trouble and agitation can cause us to forget the Word we have learned (2 Timothy 3:11-17).
    1. We must be determined to retain the Word, even when we experience pressure and trials.
    2. There are two basic steps to acquiring holiness.
      1. We must choose holiness.
      2. We must perfect it.
    3. There are three enemies to holiness:
      1. Immorality
      2. Financial corruption
      3. Rebellion
  2. Financial corruption alters destinies and destroys lives.
    1. Covetousness is a state of mind in which one believes that nothing he or she owns is good enough.
      1. It is when you want what someone else has.
    2. An idol is someone or something that takes first place in our lives.
      1. Some of the Israelites got involved in idolatry by making gold their god.
      2. As a result, 3,000 men died because they chose gold over God (Exodus 32:25-31).
      3. We must not allow anything to take God’s place.
  3. When people desperately crave material things, they become deceptive.
    1. Money then becomes more important to them than the power of God (2 Kings 5:20-27).
      1. Elisha’s servant Gehazi desired material things more than having God’s power operating in his life. His greed moved him to disobey his man of God.
      2. Gehazi could have received the anointing on Elisha’s life; instead, Gehazi lied to the man of God and was cursed with leprosy as a result.
    2. Ask yourself, “Has money taken the place of God in my life?” (Job 31:24-28).
      1. Has money caused you to belittle the power of God?
      2. Do you spend more time chasing money than you do spending time with the Lord?
      3. Many people plan meetings to increase their wealth but rarely set aside any time for God.
      4. Whoever or whatever governs your decisions, time, money, resources, and plans is your god.
  4. “For the love of money is a root of all evils; it is through this craving that some have been led astray” (1 Timothy 6:10, AMP).
    1. Many have “wandered from the faith” and caused themselves mental anguish because of their wrong relationship with money.
    2. When someone has a lot of money and material things, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have the blessing of God operating in their lives.
      1. We should never sacrifice godliness for money (1Timothy 6:5-9, AMP).
      2. Being content means we have an inward knowledge of sufficiency that comes from the Lord.
      3. Those who crave riches more than they crave godliness will fall into the enemy’s traps.
    3. Many people revel against authority; however, as Christians, our lives should honor and agree with God’s Word (1 Timothy 6:1-4, AMP).
    4. We must respect those who have authority over us, even if they are unbelievers.
    5. Anyone who teaches against the message of our Lord Jesus Christ proves to be prideful and full of strife.
    6. The Bible tells us to withdraw from such people.

Scripture References:

  • 2 Timothy 3:11-17
  • Exodus 32:25-31
  • 2 Kings 5:20-27
  • Job 31:24-28
  • 1Timothy 6:1-10, AMP

Pastor Robert Bagonza

Senior Pastor Redeemed Church