Every Believer has a right to God's covenant protection, but Christians must continually confess the Word and abide in God's presence in order to have access to it. God wants to be involved in your protection. Trust Him, and not your own ability, to ensure that you remain secure in the Last Days.

1. Salvation includes more than the new birth.
1. Salvation includes divine protection.
2. You must lay hold of your protection by faith.
3. Don't neglect any aspect of your salvation (Hebrews 2:1).

2. There is no protection outside of God.
1. There is no real safety outside of the things of God.
2. When you disobey the Word of God, you place yourself outside of God's protection.
3. Obedience is a key to accessing God's divine protection (Proverbs 1:33).
4. To the degree that you spend time in God's Word, is the degree to which you can expect His protection.
1. Remain connected to God and obey His commands (Proverbs 3:21-26).

3. Trust God and not your own abilities to protect you (Proverbs 21:31; Psalm 20:7).
1. When God's favor is on your life, you will remain protected and triumph over your enemies (Psalm 44:3-8).
2. God wants to be involved in your protection.
1. Trust Him to protect you (Psalm 56:3).

4. By dwelling in God's presence, you are continually protected from the enemy's attacks (Psalm 91).
1. To dwell means "to set up residence or abide."
2. No enemy can supersede God's power and presence.
3. Releasing words of faith is the key to laying hold of your protection.
1. Command your angels to protect you; they hearken to the voice of the Word of God.
4. You can expect God's provision and protection when you abide in His love and keep His commandments (John 15:10).

Scripture References:

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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church