Christians have a right to divine protection, but without a working knowledge of God's salvation, it won't be a reality. By trusting God, putting His Word in your heart and continually
confessing it in faith, you release angelic protection over your life
and family.

  1. There is no safe place outside of God.
    1. When you neglect to meditate on and confess the salvation of God, which includes protection, you are in a dangerous position (Hebrews 2:1-3).
      1. There is protection in God.
      2. When you operate according to the world system, even if you are a Christian, you are a target for the enemy.
        1. Satan plots and schemes to try and trap Believers.
    2. Protection is part of God's salvation package.
      1. The new birth is only a part of the salvation package.
    3. Angels play a vital role in enforcing your salvation.

  2. Trust God to protect you (Psalm 20:7).
    1. Some people put their trust in natural weapons, but Believers use the name of Jesus as their strength and protection.
      1. God won't allow any harm to come your way when you trust Him.
    2. You are guarded by God's power through your faith in Him (1 Peter 1:5).
    3. Faith connects you to divine protection.

  3. Make a quality decision not to walk in fear.
    1. God is the lifter of your head (Psalm 3:1-8).
    2. You don't have to walk in fear when you know God is on your side.

  4. There is a place in Christ Jesus where you can abide in the secret place of God's provision and protection. This place is for those who are obedient
    to Him.
    1. When you permanently abide in God, you will stay protected (Psalm 91).
    2. Satan has no access to the secret place of God's protection.
    3. You lay hold of your protection by speaking the Word of God.
    4. Your faith should be in God's ability to protect you, not your ability to protect yourself.
    5. When you develop an intimate relationship with the Lord, you stay in the secret place.

  5. The Believer has a role to play in maintaining his or her salvation.
    1. The Christian must trust in the God.
    2. The Christian must put the Word in his or her heart by speaking it.
    3. The Christian must believe God.
    4. When you abide in God, you have vital union with Him (John 15:7).
      1. Allow the Word to take root in your heart.
    5. God will cover you with the shadow of His hand when you speak His Word (Isaiah 51:16).
    6. You are the work of God, and therefore you have a right to His protection (Psalm 145:9).
    7. Your words have power.
      1. By using your words skillfully, you tap in to God's protection (Daniel 10:12).

Scripture References:

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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church