Faith without corresponding action is ineffective. If you believe something from God's Word, you have to demonstrate your faith by acting out on what you believe. Your faith
should be reflected in your actions

  1. Faith can be seen.
    1. Your faith is reflected in the things you do.
      1. You can tell when a person has faith by the way they walk, talk and carry themselves; their faith is evidenced by their actions.
      2. Faith is an attitude that must be displayed through your action.
    2. Corresponding action is action that agrees with, fits or reflects your faith.
      1. For example, if you are believing God for the money to pay a bill, an example of a corresponding action would be to write a check in the
        amount you are believing for and keep it in your drawer until the money
      2. Perform actions that harmonize with your current faith level.
      3. Acting beyond your current faith level causes problems.
        1. For example, writing bad checks and believing God for the money to show up before the check clears is not faith; it is illegal.
      4. Sometimes corresponding action is simply resting in the confidence that God has already taken care of your situation.
    3. Faith without proper corresponding action is ineffective (James 2:17-18).
    4. The Word of God must be combined with faith in order to yield results (Hebrews 4:1-2).
    5. When you have confidence in God's ability to bring His Word to pass, you will be willing to go to extreme lengths to demonstrate your faith. For
      example: The men in Mark 2:1-5 tore the roof off a house to get a sick
      man to Jesus so he could be healed.

  2. Doing whatever God tells you to do guarantees results (John 1:1-11).
    1. When God tells you to do something and you do it, you are acting in faith.
    2. In John 1:1-11, the water was turned into wine because the servants acted on what Jesus told them to do; their corresponding action activated
      their faith and a miracle took place.
    3. Noah started building an ark when he received a warning from the Lord about future events. His confidence in what God said prompted him to act out on what he heard and
      activated his faith (Hebrews 11:4).
    4. God weighs your actions (1 Samuel 2:3).
      1. When you refuse to support your belief with action you are not demonstrating faith.
      2. Faith comes by hearing, but without action, it is ineffective.
      3. Don't act in a way that is contrary to what you say you believe.

Scripture References:

  • James 2:17-18
  • Hebrews 4:1, 2
  • Mark 2:1-5
  • John 2:1-11
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  • 1 Samuel 2:3
Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church