Walking in covenant security is part of our salvation. As Believers in these last days, it is vital that our lives are centered upon God’s Word.

  1. God must become your security.
    1. Satan wants you to question God’s Word and not rely on it as your final authority.
      1. Fear can cause you to be insecure (Job 3:25, 26).
      2. If you are insecure, you won’t get the results that God’s Word says you have a right to receive.

  2. Security is found in God’s system of operation.
    1. The world’s system is coming to an end.
      1. Your life should not be tied up in the world’s way of doing things.
      2. Christians are not to build relationships with others based on the world’s way of doing things.
    2. Many women think that they will be secure when they “get a man.”
      1. Once women get “The Man,” Christ Jesus, in their lives, He will fill the void of insecurity.

  3. Salvation includes safety (Proverbs 21:31).
    1. God does not want you to seek security in other things; He will secure your life.
      1. Natural means of safety, while beneficial, are not to take place of the Lord being your primary source of safety and security.
      2. Salvation means, “deliverance, preservation, material and temporal deliverance from danger, apprehension, restoration, healing, prosperity, wholeness,
        safety and soundness.”
      3. Salvation is more than being born again.
        1. Salvation includes having an understanding of how to conduct yourself in your relationships and on your job.

  4. You must pay closer attention to the truth of the Word of God than you do to outside influences (Hebrews 2:1, 2).
    1. Don’t allow the world’s viewpoints, voices and opinions to be held in higher esteem than the Word of God.
      1. Example: Many people are afraid of marriage because of negative statistics and reports, but marriage is honorable in God’s sight and is good when it is
        done according to the Word.
      2. Cohabiting with someone instead of getting married is operating in the world’s system concerning relationships.
      3. Too many Christians have become more comfortable with doing things differently from what the Word of God tells them to do.
    2. Don’t allow the truths of God’s Word to slip away from
      you (Hebrews 2:3).
      1. God wants you to be safe.
    3. God wants you to be secure in your relationships.
    4. God wants you to be secure in your marriage.
    5. God has a great plan for securing your life.
      1. God employs the ministry of angels to enforce security in your life (Hebrews 2:2).

  5. Many Christians struggle with an identity crisis.
    1. Some Christians struggle to identify with God and His Word.
    2. We have to recognize where we are so we can get to where we need to be.
      1. As long as we deny where we are, we can’t get to where God wants us to be.
    3. We have to look into the Word of God and use it as a mirror so we can transform ourselves and live a more fruitful life.
    4. It is critical that we allow our identities to be shaped by the Word.

  6. Fear can cause you to live in a state of instability and insecurity.
    1. Fear can cause doubt and unbelief.
    2. Fear can cause you to question things and see yourself outside of God’s Word.
      1. God created Adam and Eve to fellowship with Him.
      2. Fear came in and caused them to question who they really were.
      3. Fear caused them to think and behave independently from how God had designed them.
    3. You must resist the thoughts of the devil.
    4. God becomes more real in your life as you meditate on His Word.
      1. Spending time with God diminishes thoughts of fear in your life.

  7. People often build their lives on unstable things.
    1. Riches provide no lasting security (Proverbs 11:4, AMP).
      1. Righteousness delivers you from death.
      2. There is safety in the wisdom of God (Proverbs 24:6, AMP).
    2. Safety and security cannot be found in people.
      1. Getting married won’t make you secure.
    3. Once you become born again, if you don’t allow the process of transformation to continue in your life, you will be the same as you were before you
      became born again.

  8. When you are aware that God loves you, you will be confident that you are safe in Him; you are His beloved (Deuteronomy 33:12).
    1. The word “dwell” means to live or abide in something.
    2. Deuteronomy 33:12, AMP states that God covers His beloved with safety all day long.
    3. Without God on your side, you are not safe anywhere. Satan is on the loose and His mission is to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10).
      1. Pray and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus at all times.
    4. Jesus not only came to give us life but also to help us enjoy the life He gives.
      1. Part of the abundant life is being at ease, not worrying about your safety.

  9. There is safety in the will of God for your life.
    1. Your safety and protection are in the will of God, which is where He has called you to be.
    2. If you are not where you need to be, you must repent where necessary and ask God for His help. Thank Him for His mercy and His grace that have
      covered you up to this point.
    3. It is God’s responsibility to keep you safe.
    4. God’s Word states that He will deliver, heal, prosper and make you whole in every area of your life.
    5. Your responsibility is to trust that God will do what He said He would do.
    6. You must not allow your life to be built on false security and the lies of the devil.
      1. You can’t question why you’re not seeing God operate in your life if you are trusting in Him.
    7. People often deceive themselves into thinking that safety can be found in power, positions and titles.
      1. There’s no security safer than humbly acknowledging God and depending on Him for safety.
    8. What vain things are you relying on for safety (Psalm 33:17)?
      1. Do you leave all the lights on in the house at night?
        1. These things will hinder breakthrough in your life.
        2. That which you yield to is what you give your strength to.
    9. God will contend with the devil when he tries to contend with you and your children (Isaiah 49:25).

  10. Seeds of insecurity often begin in childhood.
    1. Conflict between parents is the number one cause of insecurity in a child.
      1. Children adapt to the environment they are in—good or bad (Job 5:3, 4).
    2. Lack of proper discipline.
    3. Repeated criticism.
    4. Parents giving their children more of the things of the world than they do the things of God.
    5. Insecure parents foster insecure children.
    6. There is hope in God (Job 11:18-20).
    7. Parents can create a sense of security in their homes and in their children.
      1. A good solid marriage is founded upon the Word of God and will promote a sense of security in children.
      2. If you are single, a strong relationship with the Lord will create security for your kids.
      3. Family togetherness promotes security .
      4. Disciplining and training your children promotes security in them.
      5. Hugging, touching and communicating with your child fosters security.

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