The family is a force that God introduced into the world to be a source of blessing for people all the days of their lives. The foundation of family is a covenant, which is a promise
between two or more persons whose purpose then is to exchange each
other's weaknesses for their strengths.

  1. The family is the most important of all relationships.
    1. Family can be defined as a force that God introduced to the world to be a blessing to people all the days of their lives.
      1. God designed families to be a blessing.
        1. Family can be a curse if not governed according to the Kingdom of God system.
      2. Family is established through covenant.
        1. Words and commitments establish the family unit.
      3. Failure to follow God's instructions regarding family will inevitably lead to destruction.

  2. A covenant is the foundation of the family.
    1. A covenant is a promise that cannot be broken.
      1. A covenant, as opposed to a contract, is based on promises, not conditions.
      2. Covenant gives birth to family.
    2. In the Old Testament, a covenant was established by blood (Genesis 15:8-10).
    3. Jesus was the last blood sacrifice. Covenants, since then, are now established with words.
      1. A covenant is a commitment or pledge by two or more parties to carry out the terms agreed upon.

  3. The purpose of a covenant is to eliminate weaknesses.
    1. Families and individuals come into covenant for the purpose of eliminating weaknesses.
    2. You have to understand your part in a relationship, as well as the other person's part.
      1. When considering someone with whom to come into covenant relationship, identify his or her strengths and work together to eliminate your
        1. Example: One person may be strong in the area of organization, while the other may be strong in the area of patience.
        2. Look for someone who is strong where you are weak, and vice versa.
        3. Look for someone who will help to make you a better person.
        4. You should not enter into covenant with someone who has the same weaknesses as you do because covenant relationship will only amplify your
        5. In order to discover each other's strengths and eliminate weaknesses, there must be lengthy discussions between the parties involved. This leads to intimacy.
        6. You must be able to talk about everything with your covenant partner.

  4. You must prepare for a lifetime relationship.
    1. When roles are well-defined and understood, a relationship can fulfill its purpose.
    2. Each person should always remember his or her promises because it keeps the family together.
    3. We need to challenge ourselves to be better than we are now.

  5. A covenant is not the same as a contract.
    1. A covenant promise means you give up your rights to the other person.
    2. A contract aims to protect your rights; in essence saying that you don't trust another person.
    3. A covenant means you've made up your mind to honor the promise made to the other person.
    4. You can get out of a contract when difficulties arise, but a covenant is binding.
    5. A covenant means that problems are opportunities for healing.
      1. You and your covenant partner are there for one another because you both need healing.

      Scripture References:
      • Genesis 1:27, 28
      • Genesis 15:8-10
Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church