Fear is the tool Satan uses to afflict people and in order to achieve long life, you must not fear death. As a Believer, you have authority over death. God has made provision for you to defeat

the enemy of death through the blood of Jesus. The communion table is a
power package for longevity and when you partake of the body and blood
of Jesus in this way, everything imperfect in your life and physical
body must line up with the Word of God.

  1. In order to experience long life, you must not walk in fear.
    1. The fear of death is the weapon Satan uses to afflict people with death.
      1. Satan needs fear to operate in your life.
      2. You enable Satan to bring his plans to pass in your life when you walk in fear.
    2. You must not fear.
    3. Fear will contaminate your faith.
    4. Fear will connect you with the things you fear (Job 3:25).
      1. Don't allow fear entry into your life by speaking fear-based words.
    5. Fear brings bondage with it (Hebrews 2:14, 15).
    6. When you know that God loves you, you won't be afraid of anything or anyone (Psalm 91:5).
      1. Trust God rather than be entrapped by fear (Proverbs 29:25).
    7. Death is subject to the person who knows that he or she has authority over it.
    8. Satan can't afflict you with death if you don't fear death.

  2. God has made provision, through the blood of Jesus, to defeat the enemy of death.
    1. The blood of Jesus is one provision that is available at the Lord's Table—communion.
    2. The communion table is a power package for longevity.
    3. When you take communion and release your faith, whatever needs to be corrected in your life and physical body is corrected.
      1. Imperfection gives way to perfection and death has to give way to life when you take communion.
      2. The communion table offers strength and health, and it guarantees longevity (John 6:51-55).
    4. In 2 Kings 4:38-41, Elisha cast bread into the pot and it destroyed the poison that was in the prophets' stew.
      1. Likewise, when you partake of the communion bread, which symbolizes the Lord's body, you destroy whatever is wrong in your physical body and
        1. Taking communion nullifies death and releases the life of God on the inside of your system.
    5. You must release your faith in the communion table.
      1. Communion combined with prayer and speaking the Word on a consistent basis will release revival in your life and in the lives of others.
    6. Jesus blessed, broke and gave the bread during the Last Supper (Matthew 26:25-28).
      1. Jesus blessed the bread by speaking words over it.
      2. You can serve yourself communion.
      3. You can use whatever type of bread and drink that is available for communion as long as you bless it.
    7. Jesus took communion when He was about to be betrayed
      (1 Corinthians 11:23).
      1. In a time of trouble, take communion and remember what Jesus and His blood have done for you.
        1. Faith in the blood of Jesus is knowing what the blood has ratified and accomplished on your behalf.
        2. When you take communion, focus on what God has said in His Word rather than the situation you are currently facing.
        3. Satan cannot defeat a Christian who knows his or her covenant rights through Jesus' blood.
      2. Reflect on and remember what God has already done for you and brought you out of.
    8. You can receive communion as often as you like (v. 25).

  3. Before you take communion, examine your life for strife and unforgiveness.
    1. You won't get positive results from taking communion if you are holding strife and unforgiveness against another person.
    2. Judge yourself before you take communion so you do not take it irreverently or unworthily (v. 27-31).
    3. Repent if you have aught or unforgiveness toward someone.
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