Any doubt or unbelief we have is easily detected in our speech. The words we say indicate whether we are believing the Word of God or not. If we want to grow our faith and starve our doubt, we must begin to confess the Word of God. Our confession not only increases our faith, but it may also help boost someone else’s faith. For example, we can preach the Word to someone, or give a testimony that will cause others to want to know Jesus.

  1. Confession is stating something we believe in our hearts. It is testifying to the truth we have accepted.

    1. Our confession increases our faith; it gives evidence to something we know is true.

      1. If our confessions are wrong, then our believing is wrong.

      2. If our believing is wrong, our thinking is wrong.

      3. If our thinking is wrong, it is because we have failed to renew our minds.

    2. To renew our minds means to exchange our thoughts for God’s thoughts.

      1. Reading, studying, meditating, and knowing the Word changes the way we think.

  2. Five Things We Should Confess:

    1. We should confess the Word concerning what God has done for us in the plan of redemption.

      1. We have been redeemed (bought back or delivered from) poverty, sickness, sin, spiritual death, etc.

    2. We should confess what God has done in us through His Word and His Spirit.

    3. We should confess who we are to the Father through Christ Jesus.

      1. We are the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus.

      2. We are sanctified through Christ Jesus.

      3. We are redeemed through Christ Jesus.

    4. We should confess what Jesus is accomplishing for us right now at the Father’s right hand.

      1. Jesus is making intercession for us, therefore, we have protection, and all is well with us.

    5. We should confess what God can accomplish through us.

      1. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

  3. What does our confession accomplish?

    1. Our confession of our faith can cause others to give their lives to the Lord.

      1. When we give someone a testimony of what God has done for us, that person may become interested in the Gospel.

      2. Jesus has given us the Great commission—to go and preach the Gospel to everyone (Mark 16:15-20).

      3. God works through us when we carry the Gospel of salvation to the lost.

      4. The Word has to be preached. Signs and wonders follow the Word that is preached.

    2. Confession dispels fear.

      1. Fear will produce the thing we fear the most.

      2. Satan attacks our thinking with fearful thoughts. He wants us to fear that God’s Word will not work.

      3. We must capture fearful thoughts by speaking the Word out loud.

      4. Fear will hinder the operation of our faith. We never know how close to manifestation we are.

      5. God gives us reasons not to fear; He says in His Word that He is with us (Isaiah 41:10).

Scripture References:

  • Mark 16:15-20

  • Isaiah 41:10

Pastor Robert Bagonza

Senior Pastor Redeemed Church