Some Believers serve God’s system when it is convenient, but when things get difficult in their lives, they switch to the world’s system. God’s system and the world’s system are two different systems with different objective and we can’t serve both. We must choose one or another.

  1. No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will stand by and be devoted to the one and despise or be against the other (Matthew 6:24, AMP).

    1. We cannot serve both God and mammon (deceitful riches, money, and possessions).

      1. We must decide which system we will serve; mammon also represents the system of this world (or society).

      2. Satan is the god of this world’s system.

  2. There is increase available in both systems. However, profiting in the world system requires you to serve it.

    1. In all labor there is profit (Proverbs 14:23, AMP).

      1. If we labor in doing wicked things, we are on the path to destruction.

  3. And [his] master praised the dishonest (unjust) manager for acting shrewdly and prudently; for the sons of this age are shrewder and more prudent and wiser in [relation to] their own generation (Luke 16:8, AMP).

    1. As Believers, we should utilize the supernatural empowerment that has been made available to us in the kingdom of God to prosper.

      1. We have greater wisdom available than those in the world; however, we must actively pursue it and operate in it.

  4. Those who operate according to the world’s system are prideful; they trust in their riches (1 Timothy 6:17, Psalm 73:6-8, Ezekiel 28:2-8).

    1. Evildoers advance in Satan’s system; they do wicked things in order to prosper (Psalm 37:7-9).

      1. Refuse to envy people who prosper in the world’s system; they will eventually perish (Psalm 37:10-16, Psalm 73:6-27).

      2. The meek will inherit the earth; the godly will delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

      3. God’s system will get us to the destination He has planned for us.

Scripture References:

  • Matthew 6:24, AMP

  • Proverbs 14:23, AMP

  • Luke 16:8, AMP

  • 1Timothy 6:17

  • Psalm 73:6-27

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Pastor Robert Bagonza

Senior Pastor Redeemed Church