God is ever mindful of His covenant. As a result, He's got increase on His mind. As a Believer, you're in covenant with God, and you should always

be mindful of that fact.

  1. Through Jesus, you're part of the Abrahamic covenant (Ephesians 2:11-13).
    1. Christ is your covenant connector.
      1. Without Christ, you have no covenant.
    2. The covenant is the basis by which you can trust God.
      1. Trust means to rely and lean on, and have great confidence in (Psalm 115:9-12).
        1. When you trust God it comes out of your spirit and into your soul.
      2. The house of Israel, the house of Aaron, and everyone who fears the Lord are in covenant with Him.
    3. Your covenant guarantees victory.
      1. God is your defense when you're disturbed.
        1. Allow your past victories to strengthen your faith in your covenant.

  2. God is ever mindful of His covenant (Psalm 111:5).
    1. Because you are in covenant with God, you're always on His mind.
      1. He has blessed you and prepared everything you need.
    2. You should always have the covenant on your mind.
    3. God promises to never break His covenant.
      1. Profanity is altering or changing what God has said.
        1. God does not change His mind.

  3. It's God's will for you to increase.
    1. God wants to increase you and your children (Psalm 115:12); however, you must fulfill your part of the covenant by being obedient to God and His
      1. Obedience brings the blessing.
      2. The blessing brings increase.
    2. Increase is God's plan for your life.
      1. Don't despise small beginnings, because your latter end shall greatly increase (Job 8:7).
    3. Survival is not God's plan for life.
      1. The survival mentality is selfish because it's only about you.
        1. When it comes to increase, God has the world on His mind.

Scripture References:
  • Ephesians 2:11-13
  • Psalm 115:9-12
  • Psalm 111:5
  • Job 8:7
Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church