Words are "things" that take on substance every time they are spoken. The virgin birth of Jesus Christ took place because Mary believed the Word she received and gave voice to it by speaking it. When you speak words of faith, you release the spiritual material necessary to bring that "thing" to pass.

  1. Words produce substance as soon as they are spoken (1 Samuel 3:17).
    1. When Eli referred to God's Words, he used the word "thing" which is translated "dabar" and is an interchangeable word used in the Bible to describe both words and objects.
      1. When words are spoken, they are heard but not immediately seen.
      2. Words eventually produce tangible things.

  2. Words were the keys to the virgin birth of Jesus Christ (Luke 1:26-31).
    1. The angel presented the Word to Mary, but only she had the authority to bring that Word from God to pass.
      1. When Mary gave voice to the Word, a "thing" was released.
      2. Conception takes place as soon as we give voice to a thing.

  3. The angel told Mary that her conception would be supernatural and referred to the baby Jesus as a "holy thing" (Luke 1:35).
    1. The virgin birth occurred when the Holy Spirit intervened to carry out the words that Mary spoke.
    2. Mary's cousin Elizabeth's pregnancy after having been barren was evidence that all things are possible with God (v. 36-37).

  4. When Mary verbally accepted the Word of God and spoke it over her life, she became pregnant (v. 38).
    1. Mary agreed with the Word of God and spoke it over her life, then the thing she spoke materialized in the natural world.
    2. Mary believed God, so she received the fulfillment of the thing for which she believed Him (v.45).
    3. When you believe God and speak His Word over your life, you can receive the things that you speak.

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