Angelic provision is your covenant heritage. Angels have been sent to minister to the heirs of salvation. There are six requirements to activate angelic protection: trust, belief, service, prayer, the name of Jesus and commanding your angels.

1. Angelic provision is part of your covenant heritage (Psalm 91:10-12).
1. Angels are God’s agents for our covenant preservation, defense and security.
2. Angels have been sent to minister to the heirs of salvation.

2. There are six steps to activating angelic protection.
1. Trust
1. You must trust in God to send His angels to protect you
(Daniel 3:28).
2. Trust is a force of commitment.
3. No one should be able to move you from your stance of trusting God (Psalm 125:1-3).
4. Acknowledge what God has already done for you in order to strengthen your trust in Him.
5. Trusting God will enable you to release your angels and receive their protection (Psalm 34:7).
2. Believe
1. When you believe God, you will see His promises come to pass in your life (Luke 1:45).
2. When you believe God, you commit Him to your situation.
3. You must settle the fact that you believe God where angels are concerned.
4. Angels always behold the Father’s face awaiting orders from Him (Matthew 18:10).
5. Angels hearken to the voice of the Word of God.
1. Angels will administer whatever is necessary to bring God’s Word to pass.
3. Service
1. Your service to God and His Kingdom goes a long way in provoking angelic intervention in your life.
2. Daniel was serving God and as a result, God sent angels to protect him
(Daniel 6:16, 20-22).
3. If you are not serving God, why should you expect Him to serve you?
4. When you serve God, He will take care of you
(Exodus 23:25-26).
4. Prayer
1. When you pray to God in faith, He will dispatch angels to get involved in your situation (Matthew 26:51-53).
5. The name of Jesus
1. Calling on the name of Jesus will secure the attention of all the angels of God who will come to your rescue (Hebrews 1:6).
6. Command your angels
1. It is up to you to give your angels instructions.

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