There is no reason for a Believer to die before his or her time; Christians have a covenant right to live long, strong lives. Jesus took the keys of death and the grave and obtained victory
over them when He was resurrected. Believers have authority over death
and Satan through Jesus.

  1. Christians have a covenant right to long life because Jesus obtained victory over death.
    1. If you don’t know what you have a right to, you cannot achieve what is rightfully yours (Psalm 82:5).
    2. Jesus possesses the keys of death and the grave (Revelations 1:10-18; 1 Corinthians 15:55).
      1. Satan no longer has authority where death is concerned.
    3. Jesus could only obtain the keys of death by dying Himself.
      1. When Jesus gave up His spirit on the cross, the devil gave up the keys of death (John 19:30).
      2. Jesus also resurrected other Believers and they were seen by their family members in Jerusalem (Matthew 27:50-53).
      3. Jesus made Satan’s defeat known to everyone by breaking people out of their graves and making an open show of death (Colossians 2:15).

  2. Death is an enemy.
    1. Satan can only bring death through the fear of death.
      1. Untimely death is not by the hand of God, but often by the conscious or unconscious allowance of its victim.
      2. Christians can choose to prolong their lives by speaking the Word of God, using wisdom and taking care of themselves.
    2. Christians are no longer in bondage to fear (Hebrews 2:14, 15).
    3. The power of death has been destroyed by Jesus (1 Corinthians 15:26).
      1. When Jesus declared, “It is finished,” He meant that the terror of death had been destroyed.
      2. Jesus obtained the victory, but it is our job to maintain the victory in our lives by keeping ourselves covered with the Word of God. We do this by continually confessing the Word, walking in the love
        of God and allowing the wisdom of God to govern our decisions.

  3. Believers have complete authority over Satan.
    1. When Jesus was resurrected from the dead, He declared that He had total authority over the enemy, and He gave that authority to us (Matthew
    2. Long life is one of the covenant benefits that God has freely given us (Romans 8:32).
    3. Satan is under your feet (Romans 16:20).
      1. Christians have authority over the devil (Luke 10:19).
      2. Don’t be afraid of death, rebuke it.
    4. Victory over death is a gift from the Lord and He will not take His gift back (Romans 11:29).
      1. Jesus will not use the keys of death against you.
    5. Jesus tells us to “weep not” (Luke 7:13; Revelation 5:1-5).
      1. Death provokes people to weep, and Jesus’ statement “weep not” lets you know that death is powerless over you. Jesus has rescued you from its
        power (Hosea 13:14).

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Pastor Robert Bagonza
Redeemed Church