It is easy to become distracted by our problems. And when we focus on our problems and our inability to solve them, we ignore God and His overall plan for our lives. God wants us to
know Him on a deeper level. However, we cannot know Him or the depth of
His love for us if we do not first turn to Him when the issues of life
weigh us down. When we seek more of God, we will begin to grow stronger
in Him and in His love.

  1. As Christians, God wants us to experience Him by cultivating our love for Him and others (Ephesians 3:16-19, AMP).
    1. We grow stronger on the inside when we anchor ourselves in His love (which is unconditional).
      1. To know love is to know God because God is love.
      2. God wants us to experience His love, not just know about it.
      3. It is important for us to know what the Word says about His love.
      4. Obeying God’s Word is one of the ways we demonstrate our love for Him.

  2. When we choose to obey God, we are actually choosing to walk in the spirit, not in the flesh.
    1. We must live according to God’s Word instead of living in opposition to it (Galatians 5:16).
      1. When we set our minds on the Word of God, we will not act contrary to it.
    2. Many times, the enemy uses trouble, emotional turmoil, or heaviness to distract us.
      1. These emotional battles cause us to worry and struggle to break free by using our own strength instead of depending on God.
      2. We can become so distracted that we may not even feel like doing what we know to do.
      3. Despite our feelings or current circumstances, we must continue to obey God.
      4. We must spend our time doing the “do”s so that we will not have time to do the “don’t”s.
    3. Remaining fixed or established in God’s Word demonstrates our trust in Him.
      1. Who do you run to when trouble comes? Where do you hide? (Psalm 16:1).
      2. Are you more dependent on people than God? Do you depend more on the world?
      3. Remember to stay focused on the Word of God at all times.
      4. Throughout the Bible, we see a continual message—we are blessed when we place our total trust in Him.
    4. If we have not made progress in years, we are probably stagnant. Distractions keep us from moving forward in life.
      1. Ask yourself, “Have I been distracted emotionally by worrying about my circumstances, or have I been trusting God?
    5. The activities we do—such as praying, reading the Word, attending church, and serving others—also demonstrates our trust in God.
      1. When we don’t obey God’s Word, we will eventually be led astray by the world or society.
      2. The world’s way opposes God’s way and produces an empowerment to fail.
      3. We must keep doing what we know to do in order to succeed as Christians.
    6. Our success will not just fall from the sky. Sacrifices have to be made to reach success in any endeavor in life—both in the spirit and in the natural.
      1. In order to have success in the Kingdom of God, we must fulfill God’s specific will for our lives.
      2. We cannot be lazy Christians, expecting God to do everything for us.
      3. Like a player in a chess game, God makes His move and waits on us to make our move.

Scripture References:

  • Ephesians 3:16-19, AMP
  • Galatians 5:16
  • Psalm 16:1
  • Pastor Robert Bagonza
  • Redeemed Church